Mark K. Jones and Julie H. Jones purchased Quansoo beach lot in Chilmark from John H. Bernson and Sheila Miller Bernson for $290,000 on August 14.

Tara N. Reynolds, Ellen Reynolds, Owen G. Willis and Gary Reynolds purchased 38 North Slope Lane in Chilmark from Orland E. Donald for $634,000 on August 16.


Arch Building and Home Development LLC purchased 6 Proprietor’s Road in Edgartown from John L. Knopf and Lisa A. Sultzman-Knopf for $760,000 on August 14.

John and Lisa Knopf, trustees of John Knopf Revocable Trust, and Lisa S. Knopf and John Knopf, trustees of the Lisa. S. Knopf Revocable Trust, each purchased 50 per cent undivided interest in 11 Pease’s Point Road in Edgartown from Edward A. Evans and Brenda A. Evans, trustees of the Evans Family Trust, for $2,600,000 on August 14.

Colette Kurelja purchased 3 17th street South in Edgartown from Helen Nitkin, personal representative of estate of Bradley Nitkin, for $31,500 on August 15.

Wayne A. Razzaboni and Tracey Razzaboni purchased 20 Cooke street in Edgartown from Shirley H. Wray for $1,850,000 on August 15.

John L. Kelly 3rd and Jennifer A. Kelly purchased 76 Weeks Lane in Edgartown from Brian M. Hall and Benjamin L. Hall, trustees of Courtway Trust, for $203,000 on August 16.

Nicole Mercier and Christine Mercier purchased 15 Huckleberry Hill Lane in Edgartown from Cooke Street Realty LLC for $275,000 on August 18.

Oak Bluffs

32 New York Avenue LLC purchased 32 New York Avenue in Oak Bluffs from Chase A. Freeman and Ashley N. Freeman for $621,000 on August 16.

George Domizio purchased 13 Hubbard Lane in Oak Bluffs from James M. Peterson and Thomas H. Peterson for $1,080,000 on August 18.

Vineyard Haven

SeeSevenSeas LLC purchased 13 Reynolds Lane in Vineyard Haven from Theodore S. Jick, trustee of Noah’s Ark Realty Trust, for $820,000 on August 15.

Lucy L. Thomson purchased 26 Hines Point in Vineyard Haven from Richard T. Roth, trustee of 144 Hagen Road Realty Trust, for $1,235,000 on August 16.

Philip S. Wallis and Carolyn W. Wallis purchased 59 Weaver Lane in Vineyard Haven from Gregory Joannidi and Claire F. Joannidi, trustees of Joannidi Family Nominee Trust, for $851,000 on August 16.

Douglas Palmer Burke purchased 184 Winyah Lane in Vineyard Haven from CM LLC for $580,000 on August 17.

West Tisbury

30 Beach Pebble Road LLC purchased 30 Beach Pebble Road in West Tisbury from Beach Pebble LLC for $5,600,000 on August 17.