At this point, my mind bears a striking likeness to a late summer hazy day. It’s a touch cloudy, a tad frazzled and in a slight state of disarray. I have relied on the various notes I jot down on scraps of paper to keep me organized. So, if you have come in to the Texaco to share a sweet story you’d like to see written here but haven’t (yet) please just send me a little reminder at

Not only am I tad frazzled but I find myself on the edge of a plummeting roller coaster of emotion. I try not to mention politics or anything too “heavy” in my writing but in the wake of Charlottesville I am finding the photos and stories of how Hurricane Harvey has impacted the Houston area truly heart wrenching. As rescuers continue to pull folks from rising floodwaters consider making a donation to the Red Cross or other reputable relief fund.

My gal departed this past week for her senior year at the College of William & Mary. She hit the open road headed south with her grandmother Diana Lees riding shotgun. There are a lot of miles to cover from Chilmark to Williamsburg, Va. So when my mom offered to be a second set of eyes Bradley saw it as an opportunity to have some grandmother bonding time. My gal, whom I miss already, hopes to return home for a long weekend during the Derby. The camaraderie among fishermen during that time is something she would be disappointed to miss.

Also headed off this week to their senior years at UMass-Amherst are Jessica and Mariah Campbell. Jessica played a key assistance role at Flanders Real Estate this summer. Her aunt Julie Flanders misses her presence already. Mariah manned the fuel dock at Tisbury Wharf and managed to squeeze in hours sailing the ocean both racing and delivering vessels to their next destination.

I bumped into Jim Karabees earlier this week who shared that his son, Thorpe, will be returning to his senior year at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Friday, Sept. 1, is freshman orientation day at MVRHS. Incoming freshman will gather in the PAC to receive their marching orders for a great year of education, new friends and adventures. Although not all attending the regional high school, Chilmark members of the Class of 2021 include Brooks Carroll, Joshua Dix, Elijah Feiner, Noah Glasgow and Bella Thorpe.

Busy landing. — Timothy Johnson

Congratulations to rising Brookline High School freshman and Chilmark summer resident Theo Stanley. He tried out and made the high school soccer team. Here’s to a season of kicks, headers and goals. Way to go, Theo.

Please send good wishes for wellness to Bob Deitrich, who is currently at Falmouth Hospital. Let’s keep him in our thoughts and hope he returns home soon to his family and friends here in Chilmark.

Katy Smith was in town for a few days this week pulling a few shifts with Tri-town Ambulance. She received her bachelor’s degree from Simmons College this May and continues her education, having recently completed her first 12-week clinical rotation at Lexington Lahey. This puts her one small step closer to achieving her doctorate in physical therapy. Keep up the good work, Katy.

According to Maura Fitzgerald, more than 100 guests gathered Sunday night at the South Road home of Brooke Adams and Tony Shalhoub to celebrate Horace Small, executive director and founder of Boston-based Union of Minority Neighborhoods. Guests including Rose Styron, Kate Taylor, Tony Horwitz, and Geraldine Brooks enjoyed cocktails on the lawn and watched selections from a documentary filmed by Lynne Adams outlining the accomplishments of UMN.

Claire Ganz has recently returned from a camping adventure in St. George, Utah orchestrated by her high schooler, Hugh, who has spent the summer there. St. George is located in the southwestern part of the state near the convergence of the Mojave Desert, Colorado Plateau and Great Basin. I have never been but can imagine the striking beauty through the words shared by Claire shortly following her adventure with Hugh.

Quinn Keefe, son of Lori and Craig of Steamboat Springs, Colo. and Chilmark and Jack Nixon, son of Sarah and Bob of Washington D.C., have embarked on an academic adventure. The good friends are headed to a semester at The Island School on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Started by Navy Seal and educator Chris Maxey, who wanted to create an off the grid education environment, the experience challenges students to do hands-on college-level science with a focus on marine biology. Academics are paired with a rigorous athletic and expeditionary program along with a healthy dose of community service. They will cook, clean, farm, care for the animals, take care of the property, learn how to fix their own electrical, plumbing and perhaps, but hopefully not, weather a hurricane.

Linae and Bob Schroeder did not make their annual summertime pilgrimage to Menemsha this year on their home away from home, Thin Ice. Rather, the adventurous grandparents took a three and a half month adventure around a good portion of the U.S. The Badlands, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Tahoe, Napa, Joshua Tree and Sedona made the list of stops along with so much more. I’m guessing, however, that one of the highlights was being able to experience the beauty in our country with granddaughters Sena and Cleo in tow. But I cannot forget to mention son Geoff and his bride Cara, who call Colorado home, were with them too.

Labor Day is upon us, which symbolizes the end of summer for many folks. School is back in session, summertime residents and visitors begin their departures. It also marks the time of year when anglers are replacing hooks on lures, patching holes in waders, tightening up trim tabs on boats and registering for the 72nd annual MV Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby. Registrations will be available after the holiday at Menemsha Texaco along with Squid Row conversation about hot lures, secret spots and who’s got what in their jetty snack bag. It’s time to reflect on last year’s exaggerated stories and prepare to embark on adventures for new ones. The Derby begins at 12:01 a.m. on Sept. 10. Ding! Ding! The opening bell is about to ring.

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