Ariel Ashe purchased 29 Welles Way in Chilmark from William J. Hawkins for $750,000 on August 30.


John J. Cheney and Barbara Keane purchased 3 Jordan Way in Edgartown from Seacoast Developers LLC for $912,500 on August 29.

Lillian R. Walter and Ian T. Peach purchased 8 MacGregor Lane in Edgartown from Mary H. MacGregor, trustee of MHM Nominee Trust, for $730,000 on August 30.

James Gerard and Karen Gerard purchased 16 Simpson’s Lane in Edgartown from Liza Murrell, trustee of Murrell Family Trust 2009, for $4,088,000 on August 30.

Paulo C. DeOliveira and Justine S. DeOliveira purchased 27 Mill street in Edgartown from Peter G. Shemeth and Nancy E. Shemeth for $250,000 on August 30.

David A. Kolb and Karen A. Kolb, trustee of Kolb Family Investment Trust, purchased 5 Robin’s Nest Road in Edgartown from Donald Robinson and Judith Robinson for $1,085,000 on August 30.

Daphne Devries purchased 58 Ninth street North in Edgartown from Gayle A. Chapman for $650,000 on Sept. 1.

Robert Sheppard and Mary Sheppard purchased 22 Smiths Way in Edgartown from Tad Thompson, trustee under the will of Glynis J. Bean, and Claire Thompson, personal representative under estate of Glynis J. Bean, for $655,000 on Sept. 1.

Oak Bluffs

Jasmine K. Thompson and Nathan W. Thompson purchased 220 County Road in Oak Bluffs from Susan P. Phillips and James C. Cage 3rd for $439,500 on August 29.

Gregory Ehrman, trustee of Kenney Road Nominee Trust, purchased 12 Kenney Road in Oak Bluffs from Susan Rawson for $285,000 on August 29.

Tracie L. Clark purchased 26 Vineyard avenue extension from Chappell Cory 3rd, also known as Chapell Cory, and Margaret A. Cory, for $449,000 on August 31.

Edward Charter and Seth Charter purchased 8 Circuit avenue extension, units 6 and 13 in Oak Bluffs from Lisa Kusinitz, trustee of Stewart R. Kusinitz trust, for $160,000 on August 31.

Gary Reichart and Ronnie J. Matsil purchased 26 Sea Glen Road in Oak Bluffs from Kathleen M. Farrell for $689,900 on Sept. 1.

Vineyard Haven

Xiuyun Chen purchased 135 Center street in Vineyard Haven from Gayle D. Stiller, trustee of Ruth C. Stiller Living Trust, for $700,000 on August 28.

Adam Elsesser and Martha P. Siegel, trustees of Siegel/Elsesser Revocable Trust, purchased 64 Hatch Road in Vineyard Haven from Martin Crane and Kathleen Crane for $6,000,000 on August 31.

Amanda J. Rebello purchased 136 West Spring street in Vineyard Haven from Ronald J. Pine and June E. Pine, trustees of TJPW Revocable Trust, for $287,500 on Sept. 1.

West Tisbury

Mark E. Rowlette purchased 190 Waldrons Bottom Road in West Tisbury from Christopher M. King, personal representative of estate of James Coyne King, for $1,400,000 on Sept. 1.