James K. Lindsay and David Kuhns purchased 64 Saddle Club Road in Edgartown from Martha Smith, Martha Roux and Charles J. Smith for $889,000 on Oct. 2.

Richard A. Bonomo TRS, Holly H. Bonomo TRS and 36 Smiths Way Nominee Realty Trust purchased 36 Smiths Way from Richard M. Danziger TRS, and Danziger Realty Nominee Trust for $8,000,000 on Oct. 3.

Richard GJ O’Hare and Claire B. O’Hare purchased 55 Cottage Street in Edgartown from Cottage Street Partners LLC for $2,300,000 on Oct. 6.

Oak Bluffs

Alexandra B. Klein and Lucas Klein purchased 229 Buddys Drive in Oak Bluffs from William F. Licthman TRS, William F. Licthman Family Trust, Leslier R. Teso-Licthman TRS and Leslie R Teso-Licthman Family Trust for $1,149,000 on Oct 2.

Colin P. and Katherine Mahony purchased 289 Barnes Road in Oak Bluffs from Thomas and Patricia Bransford for $2,175,000 on Oct. 2.

CCCE LLC purchased 30 Massasoit Avenue in Oak Bluffs from James R. Wolfson TRS and Steven J. Wolfson 2016 Trust for $705,000 on Oct. 2.

7 Waterview LLC purchased 7 Waterview Road in Oak Bluffs from Eleanor L. McGrath for $785,000 on Oct. 3.

Karen F. Holmes-Ward purchased 20 Nahomon Street in Oak Bluffs from Junior and Kimberly Harewood for $629,000 on Oct. 6.

James E. Thomas and Alex S. Santos purchased 165 New York Avenue in Oak Bluffs from James E. Thomas and Pamela Hutchenson for $50,000 on Oct. 6.

Vineyard Haven

Dawn M. Bellante purchased 287 State Road in Vineyard Haven from David W. and Barbara L. Donaldson for $365,000 on Oct. 3.

Rodney Pope and Robin D. Stone purchased 26 Bernard Cir. in Vineyard Haven from William Bryan and Therese C. Gamble for $695,000 on Oct. 3.

Osprey Realty LLC purchased 3/4 undivided interest in 404 Bigelow Road and 3/8 undivided interest in 23 Yacht Club Road, both in Vineyard Haven, from John A. Luke Jr. TRS and Joy Carter Luke 2017 Trust for $1,875,000 on Oct. 4.

Zachary E. Rosenburg and Elizabeth F. McCartney purchased 15 Holly Tree Lane in Vineyard Haven from Agnes D. Dalley Invid & TRS, Agnes D. Burch, Sarah Dalley Shannon TRS, Residuary Trust Under Section 3 of the Will of Lawrence C. Dalley Jr. for $850,000 on Oct. 6.

West Tisbury

Huseby Meadows LLC purchased 40 Old Courthouse Road in West Tisbury from Ernest J Jaxtimer TRS and JNJ Realty Trust for $610,000 on Oct. 2.

Lawrence J. and Robin Kalis purchased 158 Vineyard Meadow Farms Road in West Tisbury from Jonathan Kellky and Michael Cocolla for $850,000 on Oct. 2.