While the usual Thanksgiving open house at the Chappy Community Center won’t take place this year, there will be a Holiday Pop-up at the Slip Away Farm stand on Saturday, Nov. 25, from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. with Lily K. Morris’s photo cards and prints, Margaret Knight’s Wooligans, Kate Greer’s bound books and pottery, and other friends’ offerings.

Lily captures Chappy’s natural beauty with her camera, and has created a photo calendar, packets of photo cards by the season and subject, as well as digital collections. Margaret makes ponchos, vests, and other clothes from recycled wool and cashmere sweaters. Kate Greer creates caterpillar-stitch bound books, jewelry, and pottery. Stop by to say hello to your Chappy neighbors and enjoy some hot cider, tasty goodies, and good cheer.

The schedule for CCC potlucks varies from the usual next month. On the first Wednesday of the month, Dec. 6, we will have the Chappaquiddick Ferry captain and crew appreciation potluck dinner. This appreciation dinner has been a tradition for decades. It’s a chance to spend more than 50 seconds in conversation with a ferry driver and deckhand.

Next is the Christmas Eve Dinner held of course on Dec. 24, which is a Sunday this year. The tradition of this dinner dates back to the days prior to the completion of the community center building when there were far fewer year-round residents on Chappaquiddick. In the spirit of the holiday Joe and Mary Cressy graciously opened their home to everyone on Chappy to share in a traditional Christmas Eve meal. The dinner began as a small gathering but after just a few years it had become such an event with so many people attending that it became impossible to fit everyone in the Cressy home so the event was relocated to the CCC where it continues today.

The new moon this Saturday coincides with the peak of the Leonid meteor showers. The earth has been passing through this particular field of cosmic debris since Nov. 6 and will not be out of it until the last day of this month. Friday night is currently forecast to be cold and clear. Find an open area free of lights and you may be treated to as many as 10 to 15 shooting stars per hour. The greatest concentration of meteors occurs between midnight and dawn due to the orientation of your spot on the earth in relation to the motion of our planet through space. Simply put, you will be sitting on the front side of the earth as it hurtles through space.

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