The Oak Bluffs land bank advisory board has asked land bank commissioners to delay construction of a controversial fence at the Trade Wind Field Preserve.

As part of its latest management plan, the land bank plans to build a 1.4-mile fence around the perimeter of an open field at the 72-acre preserve. People will not be allowed to walk inside the fence.

The fence is an effort to protect plants and insects on the sandplain grassland, which has grown bare and trampled over the years. But the decision drew an outcry last month from regular users of the property. Trade Wind is especially popular for dog walking.

At Tuesday’s land bank advisory board meeting, members voted to back a six-month delay in building the fence.

“We approved the management plan, and fences were always part of the management plan,” said Tom Zinno, chairman of the advisory board. “I don’t think anybody really wanted to say no to a fence, if a fence is necessary to protect the grasslands and the species.”

Though it has only an advisory role, the board requested the delay to explore other ideas.

“We would like to see the installation of the fence delayed six months to evaluate, and see if there are any other options,” Mr. Zinno said. “Hopefully the grasslands will improve. It’s not our call at this point.”

Land bank executive director James Lengyel said the commission will consider the request at its meeting Monday.

“The land bank commission has already voted to go forward with the fence, so the vote is on the record,” said Mr. Lengyel. “The question before the commission is whether to accept the request to delay.”

The meeting is at 1 p.m. Monday in the land bank office on upper Main street Edgartown.