Robert M. McCarron, trustee of Hackett McLeod Nominee Trust, purchased 0 Sam’s Way and 6 Wooton Bassett Road in Chilmark from Martha Cottle, trustee of Cottle Family Realty Trust, for $2,690,000 on Nov. 29.

Oliver J. Rothschild and Tara Rothschild purchased Quansoo Beach Lot from Brian McBride and Elizabeth McBride for $290,000 on Dec. 1.


Thomas Gerard Courtney and Sylvia M. Courtney purchased 56 Cottage street in Edgartown from Chad A. Verdi and Michelle Verdi for $3,450,000 on Nov. 28.

William F. Hart purchased 10 Bachelder avenue in Edgartown from Barbara W. Kummel, trustee of CAW Trust, for $2,625,000 on Nov. 28.

Anthony E. Hull and Rebecca S. Hull purchased 28 Boldwater Road in Edgartown from Kurt Devries and Heidi D. Arnold, trustees of The Cove House Realty Trust, for $3,300,000 on Dec. 1.

S. Fain Hackney, trustee of PFW Boathouse Trust, purchased 142 Planting Field Way in Edgartown from Ahni C. Warner, frequently known as Eleanor W. Beauchamp, Everett F. Warner Jr., and Elizabeth W. Weedon, for $125,000 on Dec. 1.

West Tisbury

49 Runner Road LLC purchased 49 Runner Road in West Tisbury from Kenneth J. Armstead and Nancy J. Giles, individually and as personal representatives of the estate of Lorna Giles and Melora Marie Armstead, for $830,000 on Nov. 28.

Joanne R. Casper purchased 50 Nat’s Farm Lane in West Tisbury from Paul L. McDonald and Karen McDonald, trustees of McDonald Family Nominee Trust, for $1,600,000 on Dec. 1.