Patience and Fortitude. They greeted me almost every day for years when I lived in Manhattan and worked at the Lincoln Building. They invited me to their sanctuary, a hall of learning, busy with people who only had a lunch hour to spend there, who only had all day. Ex Libris, the film about the New York Public Library system, was shown at our Martha’s Vineyard Film Society last Sunday. It brought me right back to my teen years when I began frequenting that library in earnest. The big difference now was the seeing computers and iPads in use at the long tables that served as our desks. The librarians, the program directors, all were so committed to providing free information to a public devouring knowledge. I thank the library associations on-Island and Richard Paradise of the MVFS for providing us with this film, delicious homemade cookies, and an opportunity to donate to the Island Food Pantry.

Amy Ryan was there, of course. I saw people I have not seen for years. I met people I have only been communicating with online since my three-year journey off-Island. There was Dan Waters! I have joked with him on Facebook for three years but never met him. What a lovely gift for the community that film was.

Other sightings of Tisburians continued on Monday when I caught up with Mark Guthrie, Dennis Von Mehren and Michael Sawyer. The frosting on the cake on Monday was running into Melanie Godek. I have not seen her in years. It was her birthday. Many happy returns, Melanie. And tell your fabulous mother I said hi.

I visited Anita Cimeno at Windemere last week. She was in the community room with several friends. All were listening to the amazing Jonathan Harris playing the piano and singing Beatle tunes for us. Please do not get so busy during the holidays that you forget to stop and see your friends at Windemere.

L.A. Brown has an exhibit of her photos up at the Vineyard Playhouse on Church street. Stop in to view the work of my talented friend.

The playhouse is also the site of Hans Christian Andersen’s the Snow Queen, perfect for kids over five and any other ages. Tickets are $25 for grownups, $20 for seniors. Kids under 18 get in for $15. Shows are Friday through Sunday, Dec. 8 to 10 and Dec. 15 to 17. Visit

I’ll see you there.

Get well wishes to out to my friend, Jeff Petre, recovering from an incident in New York. Definitely on the mend.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Melanie Godek this week. Larry Bird and Bonnie Shapiro celebrate on Dec. 7. And on Dec. 8 Patty Codding takes the cake. Many happy returns.

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