The West Tisbury selectmen voted Wednesday to consider Lieut. Matt Mincone as a candidate for the town’s next police chief. Selectmen said they will not open up a wider search for other candidates.

The vote came after Chief Dan Rossi, eight of the department’s officers and many town department heads endorsed Lieut. Mincone for the job.

Chief Rossi announced in a letter to selectmen last month that he will retire June 2, 2018, after nine years leading the department.

“If you choose to stay in house, it would just make for a seamless transition,” Chief Rossi said. “Come June 2, when I walk out, it would almost be like Danny who?, like nothing ever changed.”

Sgt. Garrison Vieira read a letter from members of the police department to the board of selectmen at the regular selectmen’s meeting Wednesday.

“As chief, Lieut. Matthew Mincone will maintain the high level of morale that we are so proud of, that has been developed within the department,” Sergeant Vieira said. “He will also maintain our community policing standards that the town of West Tisbury has become accustomed to.”

Also endorsing Lieut. Mincone were several town department heads who attended the meeting, including superintendent of streets Rich Olsen, fire chief Manny Estrella, animal control officer Anthony Cordray, town accountant Bruce Stone, and town treasurer Kathy Logue.

Selectman Cynthia Mitchell, who raised for discussion the possibility of a wider search, said she was involved in the hiring of Chief Rossi, and before that, Chief Beth Toomey.

“This is clearly, I would say unprecedented,” Ms. Mitchell said, “that the department, the chief, and others have come forward in advance to support a specific candidate so strongly. I’m listening hard to that.”

Also Wednesday, selectmen reviewed and endorsed budgets for the fire department and highway department.

The fire department budget includes an increase of $5,000 in the stipend for the fire chief, who is currently paid $27,000, and a $7,500 increase in the stipend for the superintendent of streets, who is currently paid $17,000.

Chairman Jeffrey (Skipper) Manter 3rd called the level of pay an embarrassment, and said the town needed to prepare for the future, when it will have to replace the two positions with full-time personnel.

In other business, selectmen took action on numerous complaints and violations against Nathaniel Larsen, who owns a dog that has caused problems on Oak Lane.

Selectmen authorized the animal control officer to seize and euthanize the dog, if he escapes his owner’s property and causes problems again.