As the end of the year approaches you may be wondering to yourself if there might be some way to simultaneously do a good deed and to get some credits on your tax return. I am delighted to be able to make a suggestion. Please consider a donation to the Chappy Community Center. It is a very appreciative non-profit corporation under I.R.C. section 501(c)(3) which means that your contribution is tax deductible.

After you make a donation they will send you a nice thank you note with the CCC tax identification number to pass on to your accountant or to include in your tax return.

The CCC has many operating, maintenance and capital expenses. Last summer was the center’s 27th season. Over the years, the board of directors has continuously expanded the programs and activities of the center, has been very vigilant in keeping up with repairs as the building ages, and has accomplished upgrades to the structure and it’s various inner workings. Among many other improvements and additions, just to name a few, the parking area was graveled, overhanging and dead trees were removed, the kitchen stove was replaced, the main hall floor was refinished, the roof shingles were cleaned, the chimney flashing was resealed and a tennis court and a basket ball court were built. Many weddings and celebrations have taken place there. The center is a busy place, especially during the summer months.

There are several ways to support the center. You can specify a donation to go to the Cressy Building Fund or to the General Operating Fund. You will be making a contribution by becoming a subscriber, purchasing a calendar, dedicating your Island Club points, remembering the CCC in your will or by just giving the center money. Any amount is a big help. The “Support Us” section of the CCC website enables you to make contributions online. There you can print out subscriber and calendar order forms.

The annual holiday dinner will be celebrated on Sunday, Christmas Eve from 6 to 8 p.m. Several folks bring the main course items each year like turkeys and a ham. Side dishes, salads and deserts will be most welcomed. The late Annie Heywood took great pride in bringing one of the turkeys. We need someone to take her place. Please call Lynn at the center at 508-627-8222.

The annual Chappy Ferry Captain and Crew appreciation potluck supper last week at the CCC was well attended as usual. I know that the ferry employees enjoy the chance to socialize with the folks that they see so often but seldom have enough time to exchange more than a quick greeting with.

So far this winter, Chappaquiddickers have already had a couple of vitally important issues to consider. Proposals for leasing out spots in Cape Pogue Bay to shellfish farmers sparked a great deal of interest. The local shellfish committee wrestled with the question before handing off that hot potato to the board of selectmen. Then there is the continuing saga of the Chappy cell tower. That issue is under the review of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. All changes seem to take a long time in our civilized society as we go through the lengthy process of assuring that everyone is given an opportunity to express their views and concerns. As in most cases, half of the folks are disappointed. But at least the other half gets to have a sense of fulfillment.

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