Mark Santon, a Tisbury police officer with more than 25 years of experience on the force, was fired by the town selectmen Friday following a disciplinary hearing.

Held behind closed doors, the hearing lasted approximately two and a half hours and was attended by the selectmen, town administrator John (Jay) Grande and police chief Daniel Hanavan.

Speaking to the Gazette Monday, selectman Tristan Israel confirmed the dismissal, although town leaders are being tight-lipped about the reasons.

“I really can’t say much about the proceedings at this point,” Mr. Israel said. “Obviously it’s a sad situation, for the town, for everyone involved.”

Mr. Santon has had a troubled track record on the force in the past year.

In May he was the subject of another disciplinary hearing stemming from an incident when a prisoner in his custody tried to commit suicide.

He was placed on paid administrative leave while the town investigated the incident. An independent investigator hired by the town concluded in a lengthy report that Mr. Santon violated multiple police department policies and procedures. The report found serious breaches of duty, including lying to investigators about the incident.

Mr. Santon returned to work for the department on June 1, and had been working a regular shift.