Dorothy May Sullivan purchased 1037 State Road in Aquinanah from John Occoch Vanderhoop for $8,000 on Dec. 11.

Bruce K. Vakiener and Victoria M. Vakiener purchased 836 State Road in Aquinnah from Susan E. Reinhardt TRS, Reinhardt Family Realty Trust for $1,275,000 on Dec. 15.


David A. and Jane B. Ebby purchased 72 Blueberry Ridge Lane in Chilmark from Vicki Skydell for $1,362,500 on Dec. 15.


Joshua M. Flanders purchased 10 Pine Tree Lane in Edgartown from Stuart A. Samuels and Margaret Mary Parsons for $389,000 on Dec. 12.

Christopher R. Brown purchased 5 Pamela Way in Edgartown from Leonard A. Sheeran Invid & TRS, Gerard E. Sheeran Irrevocable Special Needs Trust Agreement for $507,500 on Dec. 15.

Oak Bluffs

Laura Smalls purchased Paddock Road, Lot 2, in Oak Bluffs from Preserve at the Woodlands LLC for $615,000 on Dec. 11. Leslie W. Kingslow and Andrea E. Williams purchased 56 Hidden Cove Road in Oak Bluffs from Timothy G. and Christine Madigan for $882,000 on Dec. 11.

Michael R. Lieberman purchased 8 Kenney Road in Oak Bluffs from Jasmin, Alanna and Arianna Saunders for $400,000 on Dec. 12.

Craig E. Saunders purchased 7 Little Rock Way in Oak Bluffs from Margaret S. Pattison for $640,000 on Dec. 13.

Cynthia D. Lester-Moody and Monique-Rachelle Lester purchased 1 Logan Street in Oak Bluffs from James Lowell Gibbs Jr. TRS, Jewelle Taylor Gibbs TRS, James Lowell Gibs Jr. & Jewelle Taylor Gibbs 1989 Family Trust for $581,000 on Dec. 15.

Joseph Moujabber purchased 10 Oak Bluffs Ave. in Oak Bluffs from Jane R. Peters TRS and Peters Oak Bluffs Realty Trust for $700,000 on Dec. 15.

David A. Jordan and Kathleen M. Jordan purchased 93 Shawanue Avenue in Oak Bluffs from Anne M. Brownell for $540,000 on Dec. 15.

Vineyard Haven

Dominic J. Maxwell purchased 27 William Street in Vineyard Haven from Halcott and Catherine Grant for $1,700,000 on Dec. 12.

Mikaella A. Silveira purchased 126 Bernard Cir. in Vineyard Haven from Jea Group LLC and Victor Andrade for $656,000 on Dec. 12.

Short Hill Real Estate LLC purchased 22 Vickers Way, Lot 2, in Vineyard Haven from Heikki M. Soikkeli for $289,468.75 on Dec. 15.