Last week we had just the right combination of New England weather elements to create glassy, zamboni-like smooth pond ice. Despite the subfreezing temperatures, many took to the great outdoors not only to photograph the picturesque beauty Mother Nature brought to us, but with tissues and heat packs in pockets, cold weather outdoor adventure has been a wonderful January pastime. Cold air and blue skies have set the venue for pond hockey games, bored holes in 10-inch thick ice for ice fishing, skating parties, and that hard water has drawn out the thrill seeking ice boaters. Squibnocket Pond was a draw for many. Annalee Hoy, Annette Cingle, Scott McDowell, Cali and Lauren Giglio, Ella and Lathrop Keene, Cam Napior, Spa Tharpe, Jim Feiner and more took to the ice with skates, kites, kick sleds and ice boats. Emily Bramhall captured some great footage of Spa ice boating at sunset.

Edgartown Great Pond was a draw for Tauras, Grazina, Kestutis and Tauras Biskis, Zeb and Dan Athearn, Myles and Armen Thurlow, Noah Manning, Emme, Oona and Chris Carroll, Kendra Buresch, Pat whose last name I can’t remember, and my clan.

Charlie Shipway celebrated his 50th, yes, he has reached the half-century mark, with an overnight in Boston for a Bruins game. Brother Jesse Fuller surprised Charlie with a birthday greeting on the big screen overlooking the 7-1 win the Bs pulled off versus the Carolina Hurricanes. Sweet bride Sarah (Mayhew) was by his side enjoying his weekend long ear to ear grin.

Congratulations to high school sophomore Dashiell Christy, son of Jenny and Todd, who placed third and set a personal record in the long jump at the Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association freshman/sophomore indoor track meet held at the Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center at Roxbury Community College.

After a quick trip to the Sunshine State, Graham Stearns, son of Bret and Sarah Doyle, was back to play Bantam hockey. Along with Whalers teammate Jack Lionette, son of Heather and Robert, the boys pulled off three solid wins in Rhode Island.

Mike Broderick and Mary McConneloug have made their way to the Southern Hemisphere to compete in this weekend’s TransAndes Enduro. Mountain biking at this Chilean competition is a challenge they have risen to before. The couple is rigged up and ready to ride. May they have a fast pace and good time.

Well wishes to Kathie and Emmett Carroll who have been down for the count with the flu.

Showtime Network new show “Unsportsmanlike Comedy with Rob Gronkowski” premiered on Jan. 5 with none other than our friend and neighbor, Lenny Clarke.

On Wednesday, Jan. 17 from 6 to 8 p.m., the folks at the Chilmark School will host the adult STEAM night. STEAM is an integrated educational approach to learning that uses science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to essentially make school not just a building you learn in but an all encompassing creative learning experience. The evening will be facilitated by educators Robin Smith and Gretchen Snyder.

Olivia Knight, Bennington College freshman and daughter of Alicia (Fenner) and Peter, traveled to Oahu, Hawaii where she will be working and studying in the agricultural sustainability field earning some out of the ordinary college credits.

Save that date! I had a lovely chat with Merrily Fenner the other day. She was over the moon excited about the upcoming fundraiser for the P.A. Club Scholarship Fund. For a tax deductible $15 you can scoop up a ticket and get yourself gussied up in 50s prom/sock hop attire and down to the P.A. Club on Feb. 3. Bring a potluck dish to share and, from 6 to 11 p.m., you can enjoy music from Serendipity & Friends, a silent auction full of stuff you want, so many prizes and more. Give Merrily a holler at 508-645-3814 and she will personally deliver your tickets. Buying your tickets in advance not only means you have something marked on your calendar to look forward to, but if you take Merrily up on her offer to deliver, it’s an opportunity to have a quick visit with her. Who can pass that up? I have my tickets already so, I am one step ahead of most.

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