About 150 people gathered at Five Corners in Vineyard Haven Saturday afternoon to mark the first anniversary of the women’s march to protest the inauguration of President Trump.

The demonstration was held in solidarity with women in hundreds of cities and towns across the nation.

The large group chanted and waved signs as some motorists driving through the busy intersection honked horns and waved in appreciation.

Students add their voices: clockwise from left, Kaela Vecchia Zeitz, Calla Potluri, Nate D'Angelo, Oliver Silberstein, Lila Norris. — Peter Simon

One sign said “Love helps everything.” Another said “We march, we run (for office).” Yet another said simply, “Enough.”

Sophia Nelson said it was important for her to take part in the march.

“I think women have too long been denied so many human rights and so much dignity by the government,” Ms. Nelson said. “I think everything the Trump administration stands for is blatantly anti-woman and anti-feminist. I’ll do everything I can to show up for women everywhere.”

She said she does not think the political climate has changed since the first march a year ago.

“No, The only thing that’s changed is people’s resolve to fight,” said Ms. Nelson. “I think the policies have gotten worse. But I think people are more ready than ever to fight.”

Others disagreed about the state of the women’s movement.

“I think it’s better,” said Janet Packer. “We’re taking charge. We’re getting into seats in Congress. We’re getting where we need to be. Our voices are getting heard.”

Sandy Bernat marched in Boston last year and brought her granddaughter to the event at Five Corners this year.

“To stand up and voice my opinion,” Ms. Bernat said. “We all have our own little thoughts about what’s important right now but I think we all agree that we have to have our voices heard.”