Dominique Kelly purchased 191 West Tisbury Road in Edgartown from Bradford L. Holley and Aurora Lancia Holley for $1,296,000 on Jan. 16.

Elizabeth A. Zeller and Jamie A. Wallace purchased 40 Twentieth Street North from Mariano J. Rey and Margaret Mary Hennessy for $535,000 on Jan. 18.

Marie A. McCooey and Alfred E. McCooey purchased 9 Sparrow Lane in Edgartown from Heather McQueen for $730,000 on Jan. 18.

John M. Balay and Elizabeth B. Balay purchased 32 Cottage Street in Edgartown from Margaret R. Steele and Margaret R. Hufstader for $75,000 on Jan. 19.

James Gregory and Amy Gregory purchased 8 Jennifer Way in Edgartown from Richard and Holly Bonomo for $2,250,000 on Jan. 19.

Oak Bluffs

Mark Almeida purchased 39 Tower Ridge Road in Oak Bluffs from Joseph Perzel and Judith S. Parnes for $600,000 on Jan. 19.

David B. Lennox and Patty Pruden-Lennox purchased 317 East Chop Drive in Oak Bluffs from Gillian Dowley McNamee TRS, Christopher L. Dowley TRS and Dowley Beach House Trust for $1,675,000 on Jan. 19.


Todd E. Perkins TRS, Megan Leone-Perkins TRS, and Perkins Main Street Realty Trust purchased 254 Main street in Tisbury from Kuldip Vaid and Anna A. Vaid for $2,100,000 on Jan. 16.

Matthew G. Brown purchased 33 Lantern Lane in Tisbury from Adrienne Shepherd and Bevery Nickerson for $509,250 on Jan. 16.

Charlotte S. Owens purchased Land off Skiff Avenue in Tisbury from Michael F. Correira TRS, Mitchell Family Irrevocable Realty Trust and Hilda K. Mitchell from $175,000 on Jan. 17.