A year and seven months after taking the job, the new general manager of the Martha’s Vineyard Ice Arena has resigned his position, arena officials announced late Wednesday.

Peter Lambos said he will leave in April.

“I guess I’m a free agent,” Mr. Lambos said in a phone interview Wednesday. “It’s a little liberating and scary at the same time.”

Formerly the longtime executive director of the Boys and Girls Club, Mr. Lambos joined the ice arena as general manager in June 2016, just before the launch of a $4.2 million renovation of the facility, guiding fund raising and construction management of the project. When he took the job, the arena also announced a strategic partnership with the YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard to share administrative staff and services.

The new ice rink reopened four months ago.

“Very exciting to be a part of the renovation project, getting the arena back open and functioning,” Mr. Lambos told the Gazette. “I love what I do here it’s fun. It’s a demanding job, it’s a lot of work. I definitely enjoy it.”

YMCA executive director Jill Robie-Axtell was unavailable for comment.

But Mr. Lambos said the decision to resign was his alone.

“It was completely brought on by me,” he said. “Looking at my family status right now, my kids are getting school age and getting into all kinds of stuff. Being a manager is a high demand of time and energy. I’d like to kind of balance out more of my time between family and work. It’s nothing to do specifically with any movement of the organization. Everybody always looks for something that might have happened. It’s just a total personal decision of where I’m at as a professional.”

He said he did not know what his next steps would be.

“Not exactly sure what I’m going to do,” he said. “I just feel like we’re in a point of transition, still working with the YMCA, kind of retooling the whole place. It just seemed like now if I wanted to leave, now would be a better time than two years down the road. It’s really a personal decision. I want to move on to something different.”

The arena will close for the season on April 29. Mr. Lambos said he did not know if the management structure will be the same when it reopens in mid-summer.

“Everybody is in the talk-about-it phase, and see how it shakes out,” he said. “I’m committed to stay through the end of the season, and help with whatever I can help with continuing onward after that.”