I have started this column five times now. Any sentence seems so shallow. We gave been through this movie before. When it becomes necessary to make a change, it is always the young ones who lead the way. I am reminded if the amazing book, The Children by David Halberstam that chronicles the making if a movement. In so many ways, time’s up.

I have heard the recent high school production of West Side Story was the best piece of theatre. Congratulations to the actors, director, stage hands, sound, all who made Islanders believe they were on the streets of New York in the Fifties. A very thoughtful piece.

Our high school girls swim team just participated in state finals in Boston and did very well. It would be great to expand their fan-base for next season. To think when I washed ashore we did not have swim teams!

Winter Olympics is a great couch potato sport for me. And I do it well. Something about the winter games attracts me more than the summer ones. The snowboarding, skating, sledding, skiing! And my Best Girl, Teri Praskach, particularly enjoyed the sport of curling. I went so far as to research where one takes curling lessons in the United States. As I recall, there were only six facilities in the states. Closest was Falmouth. Alas, we never had the chance to check it out. But I am now fascinated.

Not much more to winter, may it be peaceful. Sofia Anthony informed me that the next Neighborhood Convention will be at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, March 6 at St. Andrew’s Church in Edgartown. All are invited. Bring a sack lunch. Father Chip Seadale will speak on centering prayers.

This is the last week to view Ben McCormick’s underwater photography in Art in the Stacks at our library. Ben, keep us posted when you have another exhibit. His work is wonderful.

On Tuesday, Feb. 27 Dick Jennings will speak in the program room at 7 p.m. His subject is Our Island Osprey: Where Now? Also called a sea hawk, this bird has made a great comeback. Our own Gus Ben David is credited with helping the rebound. A slide show will be viewed. You cannot do better than the programs the library offers us.

The first Thursday of each month is the M.V. Photography Club, meeting from 6 to 7:30 pm. The club is free and all levels of skill are welcome. I am impressed with the photography so many of you are posting on the internet. Special shout out to Paul F. Doherty, Brian Packish, Kristie Noyes Mayhew, and John Doble on the Cape.

We wish the best to Johnny Silvia. John is recovering at Spaulding Rehab. And our irrepressible photographer, Kristie Noyes Mayhew is doing a short stint at my old watering hole, Mass General. Bouquets to them both.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Paul Howes on Feb. 18. Christine Paffendorf partied on Feb. 19. Mikey Elliott and Laura Artru were wished well on Feb. 20. David Gardella is observing Feb. 23. And on Feb. 25 Jeff Petre takes the cake. Many happy returns returns.

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