Well it sure will be like a ghost town all week mainly because of the school’s winter vacation. People have left Dodge for a warmer climate while others have gone up north to ski. As we head into March on Thursday we celebrate National Pig Day, daylight saving time is just over two weeks away and spring begins on March 20.

Frank Polagruto, of Great Plains Road, is celebrating his birthday Frida with his wife Celeste and family. Frank, a keeper of all kinds of music, reportedly is featuring a Julie Andrews favorite of his on his website today. Happy birthday Frank!

Old friend Jon Harris passed away last weekend. I first met Jon when he moved to town and lived briefly on Music street. He was hired by the school system and became a very successful and well-liked teacher for over 20 years. He bought land and built a house off Old County Road. We always had something to talk about and he enjoyed playing the piano at Windemere weekly and was so proud of his daughter Nina. Our sincere condolences to her.

Olivia Larsen, over at the library, reports on some of the upcoming activities next week. Friday at 3 p.m., they will host a film screening as a part of the Martha's Vineyard Women’s Committee winter film series. The featured film is a documentary about Maya Angelou, poet, activist, and playwright. Monday through Friday the library will offer a full schedule of crafts, lunch, and film screenings. And from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. each day there will be a free soup and bread lunch! A different soup will be served each day, and all ages are welcome. The Tuesday and Thursday lunches will be provided by IGI and from 1 to 3 p.m.

In other library news, librarian Laura Coit has become a Notary Public. Please contact the library if you would like to make an appointment with her.

History note: the uneasiness felt by citizens in town about the ownership of the town clock surfaced at their 1926 annual town meeting. William J. Rotch, chairman of the board of selectmen, was asked to conduct an investigation into the ownership of the clock and on March 7 he issued this report: In 1895 the church acquired a clock. It was inspired by Hannah Look, who in her will dated Dec. 1, 1875, left to the Congregational Church Society the sum of $200 to be used in placing a suitable clock in the steeple with face and hands outside. The bequest was in memory of her husband David Look. By 1893 the money had doubled and there also had grown a real community interest in acquiring a clock. Suppers were held to raise money and a special issue of the The Sea Gull, a newspaper published by the Church ladies. The success of these efforts was great enough not only to make the clock possible but a new bell which corresponded with the clock machinery. The cost of winding weekly was about $20 a year. Half was paid by the church the other half by public subscription. For nearly 30 years the town paid $10. If it was determined that the town could not continue to do so Mr. Rotch said would undertake it to see that the public share of the upkeep will be provided rather than lose the clock. Many others were of the same opinion.

Happy birthday to Frank Polagruto, Tara Lewis and Diane Wall Friday, Kelly Arruda, Susan Bowman and Steve Gallagher Saturday Katherine Athearn, Mason Fischer and Natasha Taylor on Sunday; Kevin McFarland, Kathryn Sullivan, Gene Bergeron and Shawn Emin on Monday; Robyn Athearn, Tom Thatcher, Susan Goldstein and George Brush on Tuesday; Henry Geller and Anna Christensen on Wednesday; Josh Emin, David Fielder, Sam Alley and Greg Drake on Thursday. Belated birthday wishes Nick Pohl.

Well that is all of the social news for this week. I don’t want to miss the news about your vacation so please call or email me with details. Have a great week.

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