Spring will be here in a just four days and that will not be soon enough for many of us. People are slowly adjusting to Daylight Saving Time. The snowdrops are in full bloom at the Betty Knox house, Phyllis Meras on Music street and Charlie Kernick’s on Edgartown Road. Susan Block reports that she spotted perhaps the first mayflower of the season on Tuesday while snowdrops are blooming and daffodils are close to bursting open in several yards around town spring is here.

Frank and Celeste Polagruto of Great Plains Road celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary last week. They had dinner cooked for them and shared it with family and close friends. Frank reports that he received many good wishes directed to them on his Facebook page.

Sam Alley returned home Monday night after spending a few days off-Island. He stopped by and visited his sister, her husband and four nephews before returning.

Marian Irving over at the church has released the Holy Week schedule of the First Congregational Church. a traditional Palm Sunday service will be held on Sunday, March 25 at 10 a.m. On Thursday, March 29, at 7:30 p.m. the church will conduct a Tenebrae Service. Tenebrae (Latin for shadows or darkness) is one of the oldest traditions in the Christian church for the commemoration of the passion and death of Jesus. The service will conclude in darkness and silence to remember the story of Jesus’s betrayal, trial and crucifixion. The service is held on Holy or Maundy Thursday and includes communion. Easter Sunday is April 1. There will be a 9 a.m. service in the church followed by an 11 a.m. service for members, friends and the community at the Agricultural Hall, including an egg hunt for the children. The church choir will sing at both services, and the bell choir will join them at the second service.

At the annual meeting of the church last Sunday, Ann Nelson was recognized for her 10 years of dedication in honing the financial matters of the church. Reverend Baker spoke glowingly of Ann’s achievements as church treasurer. She was presented with a dozen red roses and a Vineyard Gardens Gift Certificate to enjoy and brighten her garden. Richard Bertkau was elected to the treasurer’s position and his wife, Jana was elected to be the new chairman of the church council as Marian Irving, a reliable news source for my column, stepped aside. Reverend Baker also reminded the entire slate of new board and committee members that “it takes a village of volunteers” to make church happen.

Warren and Marilyn Hollingshead, of Pond View Farm Road, returned home recently after an extended vacation in Green Valley, Ariz. Warren reports that they had a wonderful time and the weather was great.

Kim Barlett, of Burlington, Vt. was in town last weekend saying hello to friends. She has had two offers to house sit this summer in Edgartown and came down to check it out.

Tara Whiting, town clerk, reports that absentee ballots are now available in her office.

History note: On March 17, 1947 the Grange held a St. Patrick’s Day party at the Agricultural Hall that was decorated with shamrocks. More than 50 members were in attendance and musicians Everett Whiting, Mike and Leonard Athearn, Ernest Correllus and Elmer Silva, gathered to play and sing Irish tunes. George Magnuson sang several Irish solos and brought the house down with his rendition of When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. A grand time was had by all. Refreshments and Irish mints were served by his wife Lillian and Alma Benson.

Happy birthday to Nelson Tuck, Patrece Peterson and Jemima James today; Estelle Thompson, Molly Scarbrough, Patricia Sheehan, Richard Leonard and Bill Wilcox tomorrow; Bob Douglas, Chuck Schmidt, Jane Seagrave, Patricia McCarthy, Jake Merrill and Emily Galligan on Sunday; Patrick Jenkinson, John Jones, Shelly Brown and Nancy Huntington on Monday; Anna Hill, John Bartkus, Arthur Eakin, Linda Hughes, Ernie Thomas, Betsy MacDonald and Nora Winsryg on Tuesday; Margery Pires, Julie Robinson, Heather Rynd and Adam Lewis on Wednesday; James Kelliher and Christina Shropshire on Thursday. Belated birthday greetings to Richard Skidmore and Mike Stutz.

Well that is all of the social news for this edition. Please call or email me with your news. I trust you will not forget to wear something green tomorrow. After the traditional dinner of corned beef, cabbage and soda bread be sure and watch the 1944 classic Oscar award winning film Going My Way with Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald. I would like to close this week’s column with an old Irish blessing: “May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows your dead!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody.

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