Suzanne Biemiller and James R. MacRae purchased 9 Brickyard Road in Chilmark from Kendall P. Harris, trustee of Great Rock Bight Trust, for $812,000 on March 20.


Kenneth T. Roache and Stephanie W. Roache purchased 4B Bennett Way in Edgartown from Katama Acquisitions LLC for $380,250 on March 19.

Elizabeth Soo Hoo and Richard Soo Hoo purchased 19 Smith Hollow Drive in Edgartown from Mary A. Hickey for $435,000 on March 20.

A on Main Real Estate LLC purchased 71 Main street in Edgartown from Seventy-One Main Street Associates LLC for $3,000,000 on March 21.

Steven J. Simmons, trustee of the Steven J. Simmons Trust, purchased 5 Pleasant avenue in Edgartown from Peter M. Nicholson, personal representative of the estate of William Waterway, also known as William Edwards Marks and William E. Marks, and Sarah Adams Oldham, for $2,100,00 on March 22.

Jinane Abounadi and Munther A. Dahleh purchased 7 Duarte Circle in Edgartown from Kimberly Ann Steigelman, formerly known as Kimberly Ann Medeiros, and Christopher Robert Steigelman for $740,000 on March 23.

Timothy J. Burke and Debra A. Burke purchased 17 Pine Tree Lane in Edgartown from Janice L. Russell, personal representative of estate of Raymond J. Gailey Jr., for $400,000 on March 23.

Oak Bluffs

Estate of George R. Medeiros purchased 13 Maple avenue in Oak Bluffs from Lisa Jane Medeiros for $25,000 on March 20.

Richard S. Siber, trustee of R. Siber Realty Trust, purchased 63 Webster avenue in Oak Bluffs from Joseph L. Woodin for $1,325,000 on March 23.

Vineyard Haven

Benton J. Coulter and Emily B. Coulter purchased 149 State Road in Vineyard Haven from Kim O’Callaghan for $940,000 on March 20.

Susan R. Leland purchased property on Mayflower Lane in Vineyard Haven from Susan R. Leland for $335,000 on March 21.

Michael and Suzanne Cosgrave purchased 79 Fawndale Road in Vineyard Haven from Andrew Engleman, also known as Andrew Engelman, and Andrea J. Engelman for $1,025,000 on March 22.

Sarah R. Gifford and Mark J. Gifford purchased 65 Chase Lane in Vineyard Haven from Nathaniel Whitaker and Debra Whitaker for $545,000 on March 23.

West Tisbury

Jeffrey Majkowski and Heather Majkowski purchased 2 Rock Pond Road in West Tisbury from Craig Saunders for $541,000 on March 20.