If this chilly weather keeps up my Easter bonnet is going to be a knitted Patriots watch cap with a pompom on top.

Big weekend coming up, Easter, Passover, and full moon. If you qualify for holiday dinner distribution be at the church at 2 p.m. on Friday to pick up your Family-to-Family meal. I wish a fine weekend to everyone.

There will be several Easter egg hunts all over the Island. Our M.V.Veterans outreach egg hunt will be Saturday, March 31 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the M.V.C.S. campus at 111 Edgartown Road. All are invited. There will be the hunt, crafts, and healthy snacks. Bring your kids and your weekend guests.

A well-attended stand out was held at Five Corners last Saturday for our plea for better gun control. The weather was fine, the protesters were energetic. Several dogs attended as well as two alpacas. That might be a first in demonstrations. I shall keep you posted on our next protests at Five Corners.

One of Laurie Thompson’s beautiful daughters, Windsong Hadley, is off on a new venture in Providence. She will be re-opening a bar restaurant at 150 Chestnut street. New name is Askew, a reference to many of the specialties served on skewers. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served. Oh, yes, local bands will be booked. You cannot imagine Laurie and her daughters working anywhere without live music, can you? Stop and visit as you drive through Providence. Shout out to two of our Island people who now reside in Rhode Island, Laurie Thompson and Sammy Jo Ben David.

I am pleased to announce my grandson, Corbyn Clark-Garza, made honor roll at his school in Rockford, Ill. Corbyn turned 14 last week so this is especially sweet.

Speaking of other nice young men, my very helpful neighbor, Shane Vanderhoop True, helped me Monday afternoon. A deceased squirrel was carefully laid near my front path. I made a good guess that our cat, Misty, had something to do with the crime. I began to dig a grave but was flummoxed by cold soil and a bad arm. Shane came over after school and did the digging. We then had a small graveside service. Shane pronounced the blessings. He is a wonderful neighbor to have.

You only have until Saturday to take advantage of the Food for Fines program at our library. Bring canned goods or healthy non-perishable items and your late books during regular business hours. Suggested donation is one food item for every two dollars on your tab.

I am a bit behind on getting out but I saw a new gallery downtown near C.B. Stark Jewelery, Behnke and Doherty. That would be the fabulous couple I met at the talk at our library last Sunday. The focus was on the interesting photos Paul F. Doherty has been taking every morning, most in our town, a few in Oak Bluffs. Paul’s topic was reflexive abstraction. His work continues at the library in Art in the Stacks, through the end of this month. Anyone who has work to exhibit should approach a library staff member and get the details. I have seen many creative shows there. Our denizens are so talented.

The library will begin its spring Oscar Awards film festival in the program room on Tuesday, April 3. Shows are free, begin at 7 p.m., and Betty Burton provides the popcorn and lemonade.

Ah, last Friday at the P.A. Club we did what we do best. Jakob Burton-Sundman was surprised to see his many friends and supporters at the fundraiser organized by his darling sister, Grace. Jakob is the son of Betty Burton and John Sundman. He had medical issues throughout December and is learning to walk again. If you were not able to attend we can still take donations in Jake’s name. Seeing my friends, many of whom I have not run into for years, seeing Jake’s loving family, watching Trip Barnes do his auctioneering magic was all inspirational. Rose Guerin fronted the band. Oh, we cannot do without music and dancing at Island parties!

Who says there is no free lunch? Island Grown Initiative will provide one on Saturday, April 7 at the Agricultural Hall for those attending free soil health workshop. If you are interested visit dukesdistrict@yahoo.com to reserve your space. The workshop is free and open to all.

Peg Goodale has passed. A most wonderful lady, loved by all. Goodale Construction will be closed on Saturday, March 31. That is the day for her services. May she rest in peace.

Get well wishes to Betty Burton who is carrying on like a trooper with all her events and a very nasty cold.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Enoia Dos Reis on April 1 and on April 2nd Bob Kalayan takes the cake. Many happy returns.

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