Michael Minars, trustee of Songwind Nominee Trust, purchased Hancock Beach Lot 17 in Chilmark from Ann-Louise Olsen Bacon Cook, trustee of the Ann-Louise Olsen Bacon Cook Trust, for $535,000 on March 27.


Thomas M. Sheehan, trustee of the 32 Ocean View Avenue Realty Trust, purchased 32 Ocean View avenue in Edgartown from Arthur C.A. Nicol and Margaret F. Nicol for $8,000,000 on March 30.

Oak Bluffs

Yue Mei Li and David G. Sweitzer purchased 230 Buddy’s Drive in Oak Bluffs from Michael R. Hoyt and Carla R. Hoyt for $860,000 on March 28.

Benjamin C. Stafford purchased 81 Pond View Drive in Oak Bluffs from Linda C. Shumway for $500,000 on March 30.

Crewarita LLC purchased 47 Munroe avenue in Oak Bluffs from Susan S. Thurber, personal representative of estate of Walter R. Stacy, for $553,875 on March 30.

Vineyard Haven

Andrew C. Herdeg and Margaret Flood Herdeg purchased 0 Hagerty Drive in Vineyard Haven from Japple LLC for $740,000 on March 29.

West Tisbury

Farmer Klein Properties LLC purchased 56 Boghouse Way in West Tisbury from Alan C. Sibert, John W. Sibert, Jane Colby S. McManus, and William C. Sibert Jr., all individually, and the William C. Sibert Family Limited Partnership, and Alan C. Sibert, successor trustee of the Jessie C. Sibert Living Trust and of the William C. Sibert Living Trust, for $1,500,000 on March 30.