Tracey Craig and Jackson Craig purchased property at Black Point Beach from Cynthia L. Anderson, trustee of the Revocable Trust Agreement of Cynthia L. Anderson, and Elizabeth Rose, trustee of the Elizabeth Rose Family Trust, for $300,000 on April 2.

Steven Yaffe purchased property off Tabor House Road in Chilmark from Martha Flanders for $525,000 on April 2.


John C. O’Hara Jr. and Cynthia Combs O’Hara purchased 84 Peases Point Way North in Edgartown from Catherine F. Samaha for $1,450,000 on April 2.

Douglas J. Cronin and Stefanie G. Cronin purchased 31 Old Farms Trail in Edgartown from Scott M. Rocklage and Patty B. Rocklage for $850,000 on April 2.

Eugene V. Erez purchased 15 Peter M. Williamson Boulevard in Oak Bluffs from Denis A. Robitaille and Elizabeth S. Robitaille for $380,187.50 on April 3.

Christopher K. Murphy and Elizabeth A. Towne and Pamela Murphy purchased 45 Beach Road, Unit A in Edgartown from Christopher K. Murphy, Elizabeth A. Towne, Pamela Murphy, and Colin R. Murphy for $85,000 on April 3.

James Jakel and Suzanne Jakel purchased 18 Cyprien Way in Edgartown from Jeannette Johnson for $500,000 on April 6.

Oak Bluffs

Christopher M. Hodgson, trustee of Hodgepodge 2009 Revocable Trust, purchased 91 Winemack avenue in Oak Bluffs from William Potter and Kerry Quinlan-Potter for $600,000 on April 2.

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Inc. purchased 72 Eastville avenue in Oak Bluffs from Jeffrey R. Zack and Patricia Bacon for $683,000 on April 4.

Dragonfly MV LLC purchased 20 Pocasset avenue in Oak Bluffs from Elaine J. Newton, trustee of Pocasset Avenue Realty Trust-2001 for $707,500 on April 6.

Vineyard Haven

Robert B. Hartley and Donna M. Jancsy purchased 66 Pine Tree Road in Vineyard Haven from Karen J. Mulcahy for $514,000 on April 6.

West Tisbury

Sarah M. Waldman and Nicholas C. Waldman purchased 29 Bea Lane in West Tisbury from Franceen Ann Lyons, trustee of Gordon Shunk and Franceen Lyons Revocable Trust Agreement, for $425,000 on April 4.

Carl D. Folta and Molly Lemeris purchased 125 Middle Point Road in West Tisbury from Scotia Trust, LLC, frequently known as Scotia Trust Ltd., trustee of the Middle Point Vineyard Realty Trust, for $2,200,000 on April 5.