Oak Bluffs selectmen have approved a measure that will lower the speed limit on most town streets to 25 miles per hour.

Under state law, the speed limit on thickly settled streets, whether posted by signs or not, is 30 miles per hour.

Under a new state law, selectmen are allowed to lower that limit. Signs will be posted on roads leading into Oak Bluffs notifying drivers of the lower limits on thickly settled streets.

The state defines thickly settled streets as areas where houses are closer than 200 feet apart.

All roads and streets in town with higher posted speed limits will remain the same.

“If a road is 35 miles per hour, that’s not a thickly settled area and that’s already been determined by the state,” said police chief Erik Blake. “Anything that’s currently posted, is what’s going to stay.”

The request was submitted to selectmen by the roads and byways committee, after numerous complaints from residents.

“I’ve been driving 20 miles an hour through most of these (streets) and I’ve watched other people drive around me, they’re driving way too fast,” said selectman Jason Balboni. “We have to do something about it. I think 25 is still too fast.”

Though she did not disagree with the reduction in speed limits, chairman Gail Barmakian had concerns that drivers will not be aware of the new speed limit.

“People are used to going 30 miles per hour,” Ms. Barmakian said. “There are so many roads in town that they’re not aware it’s thickly settled.”

Chief Blake pointed out that it is the responsibility of the driver to determine whether they are traveling in a thickly settled area, a school zone, or a highway, when the speed limit is not specifically posted.

Also at their meeting Tuesday, selectmen agreed to allow paving of North Bluff Lane to be paid for by people who live on the short dirt road between Circuit avenue extension and Sea View avenue.

They also reappointed Charles Rock to a three-year term on the Community Preservation Committee, and Lloyd Henke to a three-year term on the library board of trustees.