Perched on a hillside in Menemsha is the watch room. Radios are monitored on various channels including channel 16 which is used for distress, safety and calling by those qualified to verbally assist in what can be stressful situations. Hours of studying and testing goes into achieving a certification to qualify for such a crucial role. Wayne Iacono, member of the Coast Guard auxiliary, received notice that he has been certified as a fully qualified CG Communications Watch Stander at Station Menemsha. At least weekly he puts on his blue uniform and serves our community of mariners. We are all safer on the water knowing you will answer if we call. Thank you for listening, Wayne.

The planning board, at their next meeting on June 11 at 4:30 p.m., will begin discussing the topic of increasing the size of a guest house from 800 sq. ft. to 1200 sq. ft. All are invited and encouraged to attend, join the discussion and share thoughts about whether we want to support this change in town or not.

Well wishes to Rhoda Diamond who is recovering from a case of pneumonia. Her presence was missed at the ladies luncheon hosted by Julie Flanders, Janet Weidner, MaryBeth Grady and me. Tables were decorated with casual cloths, beautiful backyard bouquets and simple china ready and waiting for some of our most wonderful community matriarchs. Chowder from Larsen’s, lobster rolls from Menemsha Fish Market, home-made finger sandwiches, salad, and a few tasty treats washed down with tea and lemonade set the scene for some laughter and noteworthy conversation. It is a gathering I look forward to each year.

I’d like to shout out some well wishes to Danny Larsen who got shipped up to Boston (no pun intended on the Dropkick Murphy’s song titled similarly) earlier this week. I’m hoping the medication does the trick and he’s back at his Beetlebung Corner home before the clock strikes another midnight.

Miss Abby Karlinsky, youngest offspring and only daughter of Sarah and Seth, twirled and tapped across the stage in a sparkly costume at the PAC this past weekend for the Rise Performing Arts spring recital. Bouquets of flowers filled her arms after her stage debut dazzled family and friends.

The MVRHS boys lacrosse team banquet was held this past weekend. Andrew Karlinksy was acknowledged as the most improved JV player who took his goalie skills up a number of notches during the course of the season. If you get a chance to speak with him, be sure to ask him what “pineapple” means.

Silas Abrams, Tegan Fenner, Adam Miller, Barrett Oliver, Graham Stearns and Atlas Zack, with the rest of their eighth grade classmates set of for their overseas leg of the WTS English exchange program. I can’t wait to hear the stories when they return.

Emma and Bob Shalhope have returned to Barn Again, their Menemsha home. At the time of my writing I had yet to engage in a recapping conversation. I’m hopeful by the time I write again I will have lots of fun tidbits to report. In the meantime, share in welcoming them.

David Tilton spent this past week at his Menemsha home and in between fishing trips he found the time to tell a few stories at the MV Playhouse fundraising event titled Fish Tales. Along with Lynne Silva, Janet Messineo, Albert Fischer and Karen Kukolich, he wowed the crowd with some of his earlier fishing stories. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to attend, David came into the Texaco and shared an abridged version of what he had presented to the packed house in Vineyard Haven. It’s moments like these that give me a moment of pause to appreciate being surrounded by some truly remarkable and interesting humans.

Speaking of remarkable and interesting humans, she may not live in town anymore but she’s just a few miles down the road at Windemere. Nancy Nitchie is a sweet conversationalist who managed to reach out just at the right time (little did she know I needed a little pick me up!) with some very kind and thoughtful words. I realize we have played “phone tag” this week, Nancy, so if today you are reading this and we have yet to chat please know I am still trying.

Caleb and Chris Slater popped to town to visit Jane, launch the boat and do a few chores. The one good thing about their boat launching not going quite as planned is that they will return this weekend as well.

As for Jane, let me share that she owes me some details about her recent travels. I’ve been patiently waiting and may need to resort to calling in sick and asking her to write a column for me.

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