Continued chilly. Lots of rain. Rivers of yellow pollen run to our storm drains. This is the one time of year all our cars are the same color. I am loving being outside more but sneezing my head off. Dr. Kevin always used to tell me if you sneeze more than twice in a row it’s an allergy not a cold.

The party for Chris Laursen at Barn, Bowl, and Bistro was a great success last Saturday. There was a silent auction as well. Money was raised for his medical expenses. Mike Sawyer and his staff did a great job.

I am still perplexed why we have to have fundraisers for catastrophic illnesses and how the health care racket in this country is so far behind other governments in this world. If you missed Chris’s party but want to donate, let me know.

I managed to catch up with Jim Hart last week. Jim looks great! He had a brief vacation at our hospital. He managed to time his hospital visits around a fabulous wedding for his granddaughter, Lauren, on island. Atria hosted the wedding party. May they both live happily ever after.

As usual art is in the news on this Island full of talented people. The irrepressible Gretchen Baer who comes by her art through her very gifted parents, is visiting Gene and Jackie Baer. Gretchen left her favorite project, Mariposa in Arizona, in capable hands. Meanwhile, her brother Chris, also an artist, has published Martha’s Vineyard Tales from pirates on lake Tashmoo to Baxter’s Saloon. I can’t wait to get my autographed copy.

Friends of the Vineyard Haven Public Library are featuring the paintings of Susan Johnson in Art in the Stacks this month.

I always think of my dear friend, Marge Howes, but especially this month. Marge had wit and grace. She loved good authors. The annual Bloomsday event brought to us by John Crelan’s Arts and Society was one of her favorite events. Bloomsday will be held at 8 p.m. at our Katharine Cornell Theatre on Saturday June 16. You may pick up your tickets at Bunch of Grapes or at the door that night. The incredible cast will sing, dance, and recite the many fine words of James Joyce. See your friends and neighbors, Gerry Yukevitch, Phil Dietterich, Molly Conole and Pam Schnatterly sharing their love of everything from Dubliners to Ulysses. For more information call 508-696-0539 or contact John at I’ll see you there.

Linda Alley had a birthday this week. She is cooking up a vat of jams and jellies for the first Farmers’ Market of the season at the Grange this Saturday. Stop by to see her and wish her a great new year.

I just picked up Jackie Belleville at the boat, here to spend her birthday with sister Bobbie Jo and her Island friends. Jackie was such a good hostess to me when I was in Plymouth last month. I hope I measure up. I should have booked her one of Delores’s Homegrown Tours.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Jeff Leland. What a lovely young man. And our sympathies to Lisa A. Brown and her family on the death of beloved brother, P.J. Brown. May he rest in peace.

This is a very active week for the birthday bandwagon. Dee Dee Borza, Eric Poehler, Abby Hirsch, Robin Whitley O’Donnell and Jackie Belleville celebrated on June 6; My young neighbor Bryson turns six on June 7; June 8 is for Wendy Fitting, Miles Gross, and David Alan Friedman; and on June 9 Naromar DePaula junior takes the cake. Many happy returns.

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