June is the month for graduations, honorary degrees and celebrations! Oak Bluffs people and institutions are among those being recognized. Another shout-out to Rose Engler, the valedictorian of the class of 2018 at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School.

But there are others like Sean O’Malley and Leolani Kaeka who received the Vineyarder Award for their civic virtue and dedication to hard work helping others in the community. John Morris was recognized by the principal for his soft-spoken manner that yielded modest but clear leadership. Many remember the remarkable and multi-talented Jake Baird who we lost in a car accident in January. Loud cheers of gratitude for many long serving, influential and impactful teachers that will be retiring. Jan Wightman (performing arts), John Nelson (biology), Doug DeBettencourt (math), Elliott Bennett (science and assistant principal), Teri Brown (library assistant), Richard Hammond (technology), Wade Johnson (educational support), and Lorraine Wells (psychologist) have cumulatively served the children of the Island for over a century.

President Deborah C. Jackson presided over the 47th graduation of Cambridge College a few weeks ago. About 20 family and friends came to the service to see Robyn Carroll receive her Masters in Business Administration. And a host of other colleagues and friends came to salute Karen Holmes Ward as she received her honorary degree at the same program. Not to be outdone one week later, Lewis Duane Jackson, Deb’s husband, was recognized by The Community Builders Life Foundation for his pioneering work in designing diversity and inclusion public policy in the real-estate industry. Duane serves as a vice-chairman of the Board of Massport Authority.

Renaissance House is now accepting applications for their writers-in-residence summer retreat program in Oak Bluffs. The brainchild of Abigail McGrath, daughter of Harlem Renaissance poet Helene Johnson, the program provides a wonderful educational retreat for writers seeking time, guidance and inspiration to develop their craft.

East Chop’s Bernie Fulp hosted a reception at the Jackson Homestead and Museum on the occasion of contributing his papers, archives and memorabilia to the museum. Bernie was a pioneering senior executive in the banking industry in Boston and founder of The Middlesex Bank and Trust, which he opened in 1997.

Harthaven’s Shirley Hall was all about the dancing when she organized a wonderful gathering of the spring season honoring her husband Elliott and daughter Tiffany at their 80/40 Birthday celebration. A dynamic band, delicious food, champagne and cake was served as long time friends Wilson Copeland and Mayor Dennis Archer from Detroit shared tales and laughter. The iconic Union League Club of New York was the venue.

Sitting and listening to the folk songs of guitarist Will Stratton from Hudson Valley, New York at the Oak Bluffs Library on Saturday, I had a chance to peruse the extensive programming offered at the library. The diversity of entertainment genres serving all ages and many interests was very impressive. Outgoing trustee board chairman Kevin McGrath will give all of the credit to Allyson Malik and her team. But board leadership is paramount for institutional success and Kevin should take a well deserved bow.

Paradise on earth is the Vineyard experience. Enjoy it as life is fleeting!

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