At noontime on June 14 the Fischer family gathered at Beetlebung Farm for love, lunch and cake. Cake isn’t typically featured at your average lunchtime meal, but when Rena Fischer turns 103 cake is a must. There were 16 candles on her cake and after she blew out the last two, Rena was asked her age. With a bit of a smirk but mostly a smile on her face, she replied, “sixteen.” At 103, her short-term memory certainly isn’t functioning at 100 percent, yet life is still joyful and rereading all of her cherished birthday cards brings a smile.

More and more familiar faces are popping up around town. The Keefe family, Craig, Lori, Quinn, Allie and Grady have returned from Steamboat Springs, Colo. for a good chunk of the summer.

Tom Langman is back at his Salt Meadow home after wintering over in our nation’s capital. Fishing, as always, is on the agenda aboard his Boston Whaler, Phoenix II.

Conrad and Jane Neumann are back in town. I’ve had my first hug of the season from this remarkable duo and look forward to a summer dotted with many, many more. Conrad shares that he is working on his second book. His first book, a collection of poems, went to print last summer. Up-Island Poems: Tales of a Life on Island & Sea beautifully spells out Conrad’s remarkable stories.

Owen Singer, eldest son of Claire Ganz and Tom, made a brief but fun-packed visit home between sport fishing adventures. He spent the better part of the winter as mate on the 60’ Hatteras Miss Wilder with, among others, Larsen Lane’s Chris Jones. After a quick visit home, Owen joined the crew of the Bermuda-based F&S Boatworks 76’ sport-fishing boat No Vacancy. I’ll bet blue marlin fishing is on the agenda.

Although I didn’t have an opportunity to see them in person, Ian Yaffe and his bride Eliza made the most of a beautiful sunny weekend and enjoyed a quick trip to town. The couple recently celebrated their first anniversary.

Fifty-four years of marriage was celebrated by Kathie and Emmett Carroll on June 17. Brad Tucker, Anthony and Geordie Gude, Ellen and Tauras Biskis and more pulled together a good old-fashioned musical medley on Squid Row which set the tone for our pizza, family and friends celebration. As always, the musical talent shared a beautiful rendition of Red Wing. It was one of great-grandma Bette Carroll’s favorites and she could always play right through on her harmonica.

Another celebration happened this past weekend at the community center. Pam Bunker blew out 50 candles surrounded by friends, family, laughter and a disco ball.

Congratulations to Gary Maynard whose debut novel Plumbelly is in production mode. The Kindle edition about a teen’s sailing and real-life adventure is already available on Amazon.

Welcome to chef Michael Alton who will be manning the kitchen at the Home Port this year. Backdoor service started on Tuesday and full summer hours begin on the 28th.

Master Chief Robert Riemer took his last official ride as the man in charge of Station Menemsha. Chief Riemer is wrapping up his command which will officially end at the changing of the guard ceremony to be held on June 28. We wish him and his family happiness as he sets off to be the officer in charge of the Cutter Hawk stationed in Virginia Beach.

It’s a busy time of year for folks in both the equine and bovine worlds. Horse dentist, Phil Hodgson has traveled north from his home base in Wellington, Fla. making his way from farm to farm practicing equine dentistry with his pup, Molly, often in tow. The sheep shearer, whose name I cannot recall (it will likely come to me moments after I submit this column) has also been making the farm rounds leaving heaps of freshly-shorn woollen fleece in his wake. The product at the Allen Farm will quickly be spun into skeins and later turned into keepsake blankets, sweaters, hats and more. Just an aside, Mitch Posin was spotted with a fishing pole over his shoulder making his way down the Menemsha Beach shoreline. Although he’s admittedly a farmer and not a fisherman, I do hope taking a few casts was a pleasurable way to pass a few brief moments.

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