Haven Fyfe Kiernan purchased 31 Meadow Lane in Chilmark from Zachary Wiesner, trustee of the Aquinnah Beach Lot and Lot 10 Chilmark Nominee Trust, for $1,775,000 on June 21.

Richard and Lisa Zabel purchased 3 Clam Point Cove Road in Chilmark from Benjamin C. Mayhew 3rd and Margaret M. Penicaud, individually, Jonathan E. Mayhew and Anne Mayhew as trustees of Clam Point Cove Nominee Trust, and Lois E. Mayhew individually and as personal representative of the estate of Gregory Mayhew, for $2,550,000 on June 21.


Ann Celestina Day, Geoffrey S. Taylor and Isabel Kearny Day purchased 14 Broadway street in Gosnold from Janet B. Burke, trustee of the Burke Family Realty Trust for $430,000 on June 19.

Oak Bluffs

Robert F. Amando, trustee of the Robertson Trust, purchased 134 Old County Road in Oak Bluffs from Louis J. Meade Jr., personal representative of the estate of Margaret Meade, also known as Margart Meade, for $240,000 on June 22.

John Riordan and Caitlin M. Riordin purchased 84 Washington avenue in Oak Bluffs from Jonathan Hartzband and Timothy Broderick, trustees of Lompico Trust, for $602,500 on June 22.

Vineyard Haven

Gustavo Lioncio purchased 18 Martin Road in Vineyard Haven from Ruby G. Antik and Hadley C. Antik for $689,000 on June 18.

James L. Hale and Laura M. Hale purchased property on John Hoft Road in Vineyard Haven from Carly Simon for $300,000 on June 19.

Susan A. Dunbar purchased 97 North William street in Vineyard Haven from Benjamin T. Baumann and Erik W. Baumann for $500,000 on June 22.

Antoinette S. Peters, Susanna T. Schenk and Thomas E. Schenk, trustees of The 84 William Street Realty Trust, purchased 84 William street in Vineyard Haven from The Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, trustee of the Patricia R. Crane 2005 Trust, for $895,000 on June 22.

West Tisbury

Daniel Merry purchased property on Pine Hill Road in West Tisbury from Huseby Mountain Farm LLC for $50,000 on June 22.