Like a preacher before his congregation, Island Community Chorus director Peter Boak stood before his ensemble as the group rehearsed for their annual summer concert on July 3 at Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs. The chorus, which includes 96 voices, has prepared a dozen songs for the show, from classics such as Beautiful Dreamer to Turn Ye to Me, a traditional Scottish folk song, arranged by chorus member Dorian Lopes, who sings tenor.

Accompanied by pianist Garret Brown, the chorus went through their repertoire, carefully following Mr. Boak’s lead.

“I love watching them grow as musicians,” Mr. Boak said, who has directed the group for 20 years. No auditions are required to join, just a love of music and a desire to learn.

Toward the end of the rehearsal, the group went through the piece Flight Song, penned by poet Euan Tait with music by Kim Andre Arnesen. The music floated up to the rafters and out the open windows, building with every note. The song was originally created as a gift for the director and singers of the St. Olaf Choir, and it describes a choir director’s arms like the “beating of a soul’s great wings.” Mirroring the words, Mr. Boak’s arms swooped through the air throughout the duration of the song.

At times he would leave his place on stage and stroll the length of the aisle, his arms still rising and falling to the beat of the music. As the chorus came to their final line, a smile spread across Mr. Boak’s face.

“Now that has some goosebump moments,” he said.

The Island Community Chorus will host two performances on July 3, at 6 and 8 p.m. at the Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs. For more information visit