July. It’s the month of fireworks, heatwaves, family get-togethers, barbecues and houses overflowing with guests.

The Iantosca family has gathered at their Wooten Bassett home for their annual eating of birthday cakes and tossing of over 1000 pieces of candy from the 442 convertible in the Edgartown parade. Eldest son Christian along with wife Sara and sons Jaden, 12, and Sebastain, almost 9, are here along with Justin and his fiance Anita and Alisa with her husband Ross Godin and their daughters Nora, 3, and Autumn, 9 months, to revel in family love and the birthdays of Paul, Christian and Sebastian.

Last week the changing of the guard took place at Station Menemsha. After a four-years-tour, Master Chief Robert Remier passed the torch to Senior Chief Justin Longval who is familiar with Vineyard waters after two tours at Station Woods Hole. Well wishes to the Reimer family as they heard south to Virginia where Robert will take charge of Cutter Hawk. Be sure to keep a look out for Justin and offer him a warm welcome.

John Furst and Amy Cody, Pond Mark residents, are happy and pleased to announce the birth of their first grandson. August Cody Weiss was born on June 28 to Madeline Furst and Alex Weiss. The sweet baby boy will make his debut appearance in town in August when he will have the opportunity to dip his tiny toes in the ocean. All are doing well and adjusting to family life.

Harriett Goldberg and Don Weitzman are in town for their annual month-of-July visit. July 1 the pair arrived in Menemsha for their hugs, hellos, fish for dinner and a winter’s worth of catch up about kids and life. Daughter Lily will be down for a visit from Brookline and, although Hood rocket pops are no longer on the menu, good conversation still is.

Johnny Graham is back in town from his off-season home in Jefferson City, Mo. He’s traded a summer in the Midwest for the salt life, cooking up local fare for clients, biking, fishing and visiting with friends. He’s over-the-moon excited that his bride Lori is here for a long weekend, too.

Jane Slater might need to install a revolving door at her Basin Road home. She enjoyed a lovely visit from her dear friend Karin Wetmore who visited from Cambridge followed by son Caleb Slater, his bride Chris and their daughter Celia. I’m pretty certain there may have been fresh-caught striped bass for dinner.

Speaking of revolving doors, a college friend of my daughter Bradley’s has come to visit. Tanvi Kohli pulled her body out of bed at 4 a.m. last Saturday to catch an early flight from Virginia. Now that is true friend dedication which certainly didn’t go unnoticed. She’s been a pleasure to have in our home.

There was a lot of excitement at the dinner table of young Joaquin Montoya the other night. Although he lost and swallowed his first tooth, big sister Everly and neighbor Laila Fenner assured him that the tooth fairy will leave a little something under his pillow if he leaves her a note explaining the situation. The trio composed a beautiful note along with some very technical drawings describing what tooth was lost. Mom Fallon marveled at yet another noteworthy milestone reached by this young lad.

Pam Goff shares that a few familiar faces will reappear at the Chilmark Church next Sunday. Rev. Seongmoon Ahn will preach at the 9 a.m. service and he and his family will look forward to catching up with folks afterwards.

Fishing vessel Little Lady is turning 90 this summer. Captain Denny Jason’s brother Bruce Gray and sister Samantha Lehman along with family and friends are spreading the word via social media about commemorative T-shirts that will be available via fvlittlelady90.com and, perhaps, directly from Denny if he sticks a stash in his truck. A portion of the proceeds from the sales will go the the F/V Little Lady Historic Preservation Fund. Ninety is old and wooden boats take a lot, actually a heck of a lot, to maintain. She’s a beauty to watch glide through the harbor.

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