Matthew Dryroff purchased Nevin Square Condo in Edgartown from Melissa Norton Vincent, trustee of the Nevin Square Investment Realty Trust, for $399,000 on June 25.

Paula T. Barrett and Michael R. Barrett purchased 24 Pennywise Path in Edgartown from Thomas J. Walker, Jr. for $675,000 on June 26.

Coastal Estates, LLC purchased 31 West Tisbury Road in Edgartown from Kate Lingren, personal representative of the estate of Robert Warren Norton, and Earl C. LaBatt and Jaqueline C. LaBatt, both individually, for $784,000 on June 27.

Alexander Lindfors and Jennifer Lindfors purchased 41 Teaberry Lane in Edgartown from Alice A. Tabellione, trustee of the Alice A. Tabellione Nominee Funding Trust for $260,000 on June 28.

Kathryn R. Ham, trustee of 2-4 Spyglass Realty Trust, purchased 2 and 4 North Spyglass Lane in Edgartown from Cynthia Reed, trustee of the Cynthia Reed Revocable Trust and trustee of the North Spyglass Lane Nominee Trust for $8,000,000 on June 28.

Marsh Hawk Land Trust Inc. purchased property off Chappaquiddick Road in Edgartown from Margaret Y. Couser for $2,160 on June 28.

Oak Bluffs

Martine A. Primm purchased 22 Carole avenue in Oak Bluffs from Mary Anne Sannicandro and Thomas V. Sannicandro for $604,000 on June 25.

Kathryn M. Wolf, trustee of the Kathryn M. Wolf 2006 Revocable Agreement of Trust, purchased 3 Mourning Dove Way in Oak Bluffs from Shalom Saar for $1,215,000 on June 26.

Darryl S. Settles purchased 21 Island Inn Road Unit 47, Island Country Club Condo in Oak Bluffs from Charles Malo, trustee of Unit 47 Realty Trust, for $225,000 on June 27.

Richard S. Dubin and Lee M. Dubin purchased 24 Paddock Road in Oak Bluffs from The Preserve at the Woodlands, LLC for $500,000 on June 27

Geoghan Coogan, trustee of the Oliver Trust, purchased property on Washington avenue in Oak Bluffs from Thomas A. Taddeo for $165,000 om June 29.

Shelby Abel-Kilmartin purchased 39 California avenue in Oak Bluffs from Evangeline M. Costa, personal representative of the estate of Gregory E. Costa, also known as E. Gregory Costa for $600,000 on June 29.

Martin K. Gilliard and Jewel Azania Andrews purchased 63 Pond View Drive in Oak Bluffs from Allen A. Garzone, trustee of the G Force Realty Trust, for $668,000 on June 29.

Jesse Kinch and Erin Kinch purchased 8 Marion avenue in Oak Bluffs from David B. Lennox and Patricia Pruden-Lennox and Thomas L. Kirkpatrick and Margaret Kirkpatrick for $850,000 on June 29.

Martha’s Vineyard Commission purchased 30 Tia Anna Lane in Oak Bluffs from Christopher N. Hoxsie for $710,000 on June 29.

Vineyard Haven

Jacque Panko Whaumbush Jr. purchased 54 Amelia’s Crossing in Vineyard Haven from Paul D. Adler, trustee of the 14 Pine Street Realty Trust, for $265,500 on June 25.

West Tisbury

Kelly M. Desrosiers and Michael J. Desrosiers purchased 40 Bartimus Luce Road in West Tisbury from John E. McDonald for $1,195,000 on June 26.

Eben Armer purchased property on Indian Hill Road in West Tisbury from Dixon Rogers and Laurie Huff, trustees of the Dixon Rogers and Laurie Huff trust, for $700,000 on June 28.

Wells Fargo Bank NA, trustee purchased 49 Pin Oak Circle in West Tisbury from Wells Fargo Bank NA, trustee for Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-4, holder of a mortgage from Patrica A. Kirk, aalso known as Patricia A. Casey, and John P. Hirk, for $445,000 on June 28.

Garrison G. Vieira and Carol S. Vieira purchased Lot 2B on BP Haypin Way in West Tisbury from John G. Gadowski for $437,000 on June 29.