Each week the folks at Cinema Circus show a series of short films for kids on Wednesday evening at the Chilmark Community Center. The fun begins at 5:30 p.m., complete with jugglers, face painters, stilt walkers, food and music.

An advanced screening of the films was arranged with a young cineaste. This week’s reviewer is Owen Silva.

Name: Owen W. Silva.

Age: 8.

School: West Tisbury School.

Siblings: brother, Rye 4.

Pets: Hopefully, we’ll get one someday!!!

Something new you are learning: shapes and angles.

New food you recently tried: steamed clams.

New place you’d like to explore: my neighbor Evie’s house and the woods around my house.

Favorite thing about Martha’s Vineyard: It’s always quiet in the winter and warm in the summer.

What should people know about you: That I like drawing and exploring. And putting things together and taking them apart.

White Crow

Do you like films about nature? In this one, a white crow gets teased a lot by black crows. Then, the white crow has a dream of a beautiful island which he discovers by following some passing ducks. There are lots of colors in this new fantasy land. The white crow meets a friendly bird there. When the white crow wakes up, parts of his dream come true! The white crow tells the black crows about this special place. Do you think the black crows will have a fun time there?

You Can’t Play with Us

If you like puppet shows, rock shows, rap music and rescues, you will like this one. In the beginning, the unicorns won’t play with dinosaurs because dinosaurs eat unicorns. But, what happens when one dinosaur wants to befriend some unicorns? Will the unicorns like him? Find out after a huge explosion that includes marshmallows and IS REALLY FUNNY. I liked this film because it really showed someone who was determined to do something and had lots of cool art.

Just Breathe

“It’s kind of like if you put glitter in a jar of water and you shake it up. That’s all your thoughts in your brain when you’re mad,” a girl said. We see children talking about what happens when they’re upset and how they calm down. In the end, everyone found the same thing helped them. I liked the part when everyone was opening one eye at a time. “When the glitter settles, it’s like your thoughts settling down in the bottom of your brain.”

Wolfie the Bunny

What would happen if a baby wolf moved into your home? While watching Wolfie, I quickly realized I had read this book and liked it. I noticed how the art was acrylic and looked like a moving book. If you ever have trouble with your little brother or sister, you will want to see what problems the big sister, Dot, has with her baby brother Wolfie. I loved how Dot showed determination and kindness in the end when she could have just run away.