The Chappaquiddick Community Center annual fair is Saturday, July 14 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the book sale, dog show, kids games, barbecue and goodies. To volunteer, contact the CCC at 508-627-8222 or

Here’s one for the Now I’ve Seen It All Collection – a guy drives his car onto the ferry, shuts the engine off, goes to restart it after the voyage and realizes that his ingenious keyless ignition feature only works if the electronic ignition fobb gizmo is actually in the car. Turns out that his wife got out of the car on the Edgartown side to go shopping while he waited in the ferry line with the ignition gizmo in her purse. So, the car is stuck on the ferry until the wife gets back from wandering blissfully around town. That ferry is for all intents and purposes, out of service. Fortunately, there are two ferries, so service continued but at half the usual rate.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened on the ferry. When it happened last year, we suggested that perhaps hubby could call his dear one on her cell phone. After tapping the correct keys to summon her, the map on the dashboard began to vibrate. Yes, that’s right. She left her cell phone but took the ignition fob with her. Wouldn’t you think that the car would say something when that essential gizmo got out of the car with the engine still running? This convenient alternative to an actual key was dreamed up by the same automobile designers who brought you the headlight switch that doesn’t turn the lights off.

A hazardous household waste collection is scheduled for Saturday, July 21 at the MV Refuse District transfer station in Edgartown up near the airport from 9 a.m. until noon. However, you won’t have to go all of the way there yourself. Instead you can bring your yucky stuff to the Chappaquiddick Community Center that Saturday morning between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., put in the back of my truck and I will take it up there for you. Check the MV Refuse District website for information regarding what is accepted at the collection site.

Among several items that are not accepted are batteries and latex paint. Make sure that your icky stuff won’t leak out of its container into my truck. I want to head out right at nine so please don’t be showing up at the last minute. The line gets pretty long at the big collection site. Think of all of the time that you will save by letting me do it for you. The collectors are always appreciative that we carpool our contribution to hazardous waste.

The following is a note from Dennis Goldin who is pursuing the issue of private electric service lines on Chappaquiddick:

“Eversource Class Action Lawsuit:

Two legal firms well versed in class-action litigation, one in D.C. and the other in Boston, are interested in pursuing the issue of Eversource and private electrical service in Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard. In fact, they are hot to trot having spoken to the Mass AG’s office and our state representatives. They need to have a primary litigant to start the process of discovery. There are no financial downsides as the legal firms will bear the cost of the case. The primary litigant may be responsible for a deposition.

The class action suit against Eversource will deal with their use of our lines without reimbursing us for such use. Eversource still charges us full price for the delivery of electricity despite using our private lines to deliver their product. Eversource does not maintain, repair or replace our private electrical services. This affects a large number of homeowners on the Vineyard as well as across the commonwealth.

Our hope would be to have Eversource retroactively pay us for the use of our lines, and hopefully consider taking the lines over. Once the lawyers’ discovery is complete, they hope to enlarge the pool of litigants. If anybody has an interest in pursuing the issue as a primary litigant, please contact Dennis Goldin,”

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