Roll call. The whole gang is returning. Robbie Morgan Burke returned on her boat for the summer. Julie Kimball is up visiting from Florida. Jim Hart is safely ensconced on Lenny’s Loop. Jim is still broadcasting his radio show from here every Monday night. Eileen Bemus has returned to her home with her mom, Mary Ann Eaton. The Beckers hosted one of their favorite families, a group of 10.

Greg Balco, a scientist from the west coast, came to our library Tuesday night to speak on the melting Antartica ice sheet. Wes Stokes brought his friend Donna to enjoy the July activities on-Island. Author Holly Nadler will be speaking at our library this coming Sunday at 1:30 p.m. Reverend Ralph Erv Graves visited Mareda with their nephew, Clark, from New York and New Jersey, respectively. Mareda hosted a July Fourth party for them and our Lenny’s Loop group at Bill and Jan Stokes’s beautiful deck. And it seems the weather is finally cooperating. Although, I still have not put away my snow shovel.

Piper Murphy returned from fetching Mary Afton at cheerleading camp in Lewistown, Pa. Piper was determined to try something different after the grueling drive there two weeks ago to drop Mary Afton off. This time, Piper left me with her dog, cats and car while she took the boat, the bus and then a train to Pennsylvania. She returned her daughter that same way.

They had a travel adventure that reminded me of the days my mother did that with us before she acquired her driver’s license at age 45. And this time, no thunderstorm here to frighten our dogs. I ran into Mary Afton and her friend, Skylar, down on Main street yesterday. These athletic 11-year-olds were doing handsprings and practicing their dancing and cheerleading skills. Their future is bright.

The great number of art exhibits and galleries open and showing on-Island now delights every artist and lover of the arts. Our own girl, Kathy Poehler, has an exhibit beginning at Old Sculpin Gallery. She works with found items. Her seaweed collages are beautiful. I know her dad, Fred Glodis, is watching with love and pride.

Three great friends to many are arriving Friday: Brenda Moynihan from the Cape, Peter Sawyer, recently of Taiwan, and Marganna Roberts of California who grew up on-Island. Pete Sawyer was one of our great DJs of the early days on WMVY. We are looking forward to getting the whole gang together.

Now, here is an invitation no one can turn down. Betty Burton announced yesterday that our adult program group at the library has invited Alan Dershowitz to speak at 7 p.m. at the Katharine Cornell Theater above town hall on Wednesday, July 18. You have probably heard how Alan feels cold-shouldered by many seasonal residents who are aghast at his defense of some of Donald Trump’s policies. Bring your thoughts and questions and I’ll see you there.

Our prayers and good wishes go out to cousins Billy Dias and Johnny Silvia, both working on recovery from health issues.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Orla O’Connor on July 10. Pam Alley celebrates on July 15. Chris Clark and Daniel Van Landingham share July 17. And on July 18 Marge Tileston takes the cake. Many happy returns.

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