Nicola (Koko) Capece.

Age: 10.

School: Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School.

Sibling: Lucia.

Pets: 11 Chickens, seven chicks, two ducklings, two frogs, two glowfish and a bunny named Pippin.

Something new you are learning: horseback riding and taking care of goats in 4H.

New food you recently tried: shrimp.

New place you’d like to explore: Hawaii.

Favorite thing about Martha’s Vineyard: the community and Lambert’s Cove.

What should people know about you: I am creative, play the violin, dance, and I like to act and have been involved with Cinema Circus for years.

Am I Paris?

I liked it because I’m a dancer. It was cool how the character moved from one place to the next. This was an action film in black and white.

Yummy Sounds

I liked it. It was cool and entertaining. It is about music and a boy learning and playing music.

A Girl Named Elastika

I wonder how long it took to make? I love this one. It is about a girl made of rubber bands and tacks and goes on an adventure.


I was bored because I didn’t get it. It was about animals in different places. The animation was good.