Nearly $2 million in community development block grants will go toward housing projects and child care subsidies in five Island towns, the state announced Thursday.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development announced some $32 million in block grant awards for 59 communities across the commonwealth.

Approximately $1.1 million will go to Edgartown, Aquinnah and West Tisbury, while $800,000 will go to Oak Bluffs and Tisbury.

Funding is allocated using a need-based scoring system updated last year and will go toward housing rehabilitation assistance for 32 homes and child care assistance for low and moderate-income families.

Alice Boyd of Bailey Boyd Associates in Scituate, the longtime Island grant administrator for the block grant program, said Island towns have begun applying jointly for funds in recent years.

“There’s a fairly complex scoring system, so there are a few advantages of applying jointly,” Ms. Boyd said. “The maximum grant is $1.3 million for three towns, so it makes sense to go in regionally.”

She said funding will provide critical assistance to continue a number of Island community initiatives, including subsidies for child care services and assistance for housing rehabilitation projects.

“This program is a huge benefit to the Island,” Ms. Boyd told the Gazette by phone.

Ms. Boyd said that Chilmark did not qualify for the block grants because of a low need score on the program’s revised scoring system.

The grant money will be distributed in November.

“It’s a really wonderful program and we love having funds come to the Vineyard,” Ms. Boyd said.

Over the past 20 years, the Island has received some $24 million through the block grant program.