The Louisa Gould Gallery turns 15 on August 3, but gallery owner and Island artist Louisa Gould couldn’t wait to celebrate. On Saturday, July 28, artists and art enthusiasts came together for the opening of the gallery’s anniversary exhibit 15 @ 15 Fifteen Artists for Fifteen Years.

As the title proclaims, 15 different painters, sculptors and mixed media creators showcased their work. Having opened its doors in the summer of 2003, the gallery has remained a mainstay on Main street in Vineyard Haven, first solely exhibiting Ms. Gould’s work then growing to showcase other artists.

Some artists have been with the gallery since its early years, while others earned their spot just a few months ago. Painter Kate Huntington was toasting her own milestone at the reception: 13 years with the gallery.

“I was one of the first artists shown here,” Ms. Huntington said at the reception. She was introduced to Ms. Gould by a mutual friend. “I’m just really proud to be here, and have a roof over my work with a gallery.”

Enjoying the acrylic paintings of Sean Farrell. — Maria Thibodeau

Ms. Huntington resides and works on her craft in Providence, R.I., a city she says she loves for its creative spirt. Her oil paintings often focus on portraits, many of them at the beach.

“There’s so many different factors that go into painting a figure,” Ms. Huntington said. “The weight, the attitude. It’s really complicated things, but that’s what makes them different.”

Differences are also apparent between the 15 artists, whether through their mediums, subject matters or color schemes. But Ms. Gould affirmed there is one common thread that brings the artists and their pieces together.

“While not all of the artists are Vineyard artists, everyone has some sort of tie to the Island,” Ms. Gould said. “Paul Beebe for example used to come here every summer camping.”

Mr. Beebe’s work hung adjacent to Ms. Huntington’s. Paintings like Last Light Edgartown and Morning Arrival at Vineyard Haven depict the golden-hour magic of Island sunsets and sunrises respectively.

Susan Dole and Steven Wolfberg traveled from their home in Chilmark to see Mr. Beebe’s oil paintings.

“The first time I saw Paul’s work it was in the Old Sculpin Gallery,” Ms. Dole said. “He usually does landscapes, but I was just struck by this beautiful seascape. I’ve loved his work ever since.”

Gallery owner and photographer, Louisa Gould. — Maria Thibodeau

Vineyard Haven artist Peggy Turner Zablotny is also expressing her love for the Island at the gallery, but not through oil or acrylic paint.

“I make botanical compositions,” Ms. Zablotny explained, gesturing to her pieces. Ms. Zablotny presses homegrown flowers into intricate collages, which she refers to as “actuals.” The actuals are then sent to a photographer in Boston who creates an enlarged, fine art print.

“I’ve had some funny questions over the years, like how’d you get the flowers to grow that big?” Ms. Zablotny said with a laugh. The questions serve as a testament to just how realistic the prints look when compared to the actuals. Sunflower petals, tendrils, pine needles and birch bark practically leap off the textured paper.

Much like Ms. Zablotny, mixed media artist Jill McLaughin said she loves using and exploring new mediums to create her work. 15 @ 15 is her first show at the gallery.

“I really like being hands-on, collecting, and the texture of the pieces,” Ms. McLaughin said. Her pieces are a blend of found objects, from wooden spoons to pin cushions to building blocks, all centering around a common theme or color.

“These artists are pushing the limits,” Ms. Gould said. “And I hope, as a gallery, we can continue to have interesting, challenging and beautiful work, for the next 15 years, and more.”

15 @ 15 runs through August 29 at the Louisa Gould Gallery, 54 Main street, Vineyard Haven. For more information visit