This is the fastest moving summer ever. Even with some of our downpours, the plants are begging for water. And I am happily entertaining a flock of turkeys – from eight to 15 daily – as they make the rounds of the neighborhood and mingle copacetically with my dogs. Call me the turkey whisperer.

Martin and Gail Becker have another round of family and friends visiting and keeping their West Chop abode lively. The last count I had was five.

Laurie Marotta’s bed and breakfast, the Driftwood, has taken off beautifully. Her first guests were a mother and son from Ireland. Then two young, handsome, well-travelled pilots. A dad and son from England will be here this weekend. Everyone is enjoying her lovely sitting areas and jazz piano background.

Just across the street, Wes Stokes has informed me he will be staying at the family house for the near future. He has been clamming successfully and fishing again. The fishing is iffy but now that he will be living here I am sure it will pick up. The Stokes kids – well, adult children – are so kind and helpful to everyone. I am looking forward to having Wes as my neighbor.

In a way I behaved, in a way I didn’t. It took all my meager willpower to stay away from the West Tisbury library’s famous annual book sale. On the other hand, I feel I let my true self down. I have lived by the words of Erasmus; “When I have a little money, I buy books. If there is any left over I buy food and clothing.”

Main street is hopping. Friday, August 3 is First Friday, a traditional summer ramble to our shops, galleries and food establishments. Peter and Ronni Simon have many events between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. this Friday. There will be a book signing with authors on hand. Peter’s new calendar is out and ready to go. Ronni is unveiling some exciting new work. Peter’s coffee table book will be available for a special price. Food and drink will be on board. Be sure to stop by.

Peter recently returned from celebrating his 50th reunion. No, not high school, but the 50th reunion of the commune he was a member of in Guilford, Vt. back in the 1960s. The Simon family also just celebrated the wedding of son Willie to Toni Ann, his Jamaican sweetheart. Willie is finishing his master’s degree at Boston University. Toni Ann is planning to begin her medical studies. May they both live happily ever after.

Such talent in our town. Victoria Campbell, our rising star filmmaker, is ready to film her new work in the Bronx. Victoria made House of Bones, the film about her family’s West Chop home, which garnered accolades years ago.

Congratulations to George and Marion’s son, Grant Santos, for making the dean’s list at his college.

Stephen Hart has a new CD out. His musical talent spreads far and wide. I am proud to say I knew him way back when.

Ashley A. Byrd was visiting with her son, Jude. They left dad Sam working in San Marcos, Tex. and traveled to grandparents in Maine, then here for more grandparents and great-grands, cousins and family. Ashley grew up around the corner from me. She is a daughter of Cricket Willoughby and Tamma Cimeno. Sadly, they headed back to a very hot Texas yesterday.

Jude’s uncle, Chris Cimeno, celebrated his July 29 birthday with wife Nicole by boarding the boat, the bus and showing up at Fenway for a Red Sox game. The icing on the cake is that we won!

Our condolences go out to the Jones family. Joey Jones, their dear young son and brother, passed last weekend. Joey was kind, gentle, helpful and fun. Elizabeth Jones has a link on Facebook to help the Jones’s deal with this sudden loss. Our arms hug his family now.

So many birthdays this week. The birthday bandwagon pulled along with Chris Cimeno and Kristian Pinto on July 29; July 30 was a party for Jonathan Alexander Gardella, Baby Bella, Violet Oliveira and Buddy Guy. Buddy has a new album out. In his 80s! The blues is forever! Tom Colligan celebrates this week. And on August 3, Tom Brady shares his birthday cake with this reporter. Many happy returns.

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