Let’s talk turkey. I have been known to say that, until I moved here 42 years ago from New York, I thought wild turkey was an alcoholic beverage. Now that I have my own flock of approximately 18, I have been studying their many foibles.

I do live on a rather busy street in Vineyard Haven – Franklin – and I am distressed at the traffic and speed our Island and seasonal drivers are using on this road. The last turkey in Massachusetts died in 1851. A conservation effort was started in the 1970s. Turkeys, like me, were imported from New York. They started out in the Berkshires, as did I. By 1978 there were 1,000 wild turkeys in this state. Protective laws were enacted. Our turkey population grew to approximately 25,000.

Mass Audobon would like you to send them the count and amount of turkeys in your various neighborhoods. The turkey has been declared the official game bird of Massachusetts. But there are specified weeks and areas for hunting season. There is also a limit on how many you may capture. The wonderful farmer Elisha Smith told me the wild ones we see are fairly gamey and not great eating. I don’t eat meat but I would like to urge you all to slow down and respect this protected species.

I am in the process of naming my flock. So far I have Hoppsy, Erkel the Turkel, and the Empress. Only 15 names to go! I shall keep you posted.

Alas! The famous, loyal group of Harley Riders who visit every August were here and gone before I could catch up with them. They stayed at their friend Jim Hart’s house and were on the road most of the time This is the nicest group of retired firefighters and police officers from the Boston area. As I was taking care of Nonna I haven’t seen them in three years. Let’s make a date for next August.

Eileen and Allan Bemus are at their island home on Lenny’s Loop. I don’t think Eileen ever misses an Ag Fair. Welcome back.

Pavlina Dunham, daughter of Crawford and Leslie Dunham, spent the past 10 days on-Island. Her grandmother is my dear friend Martha Dunham. She had many cousins, aunts, uncles and other family to catch up with here on storybook Island. Pavlina helped keep StageCoach Taxi in order, cleaning cabs for Melaney West and Jeremy Dunham, as well as keeping up with the antics of this family’s two boys. Pavlina flew home to North Carolina today. She is 17 years old and entering junior year at her high school. Same time next year, Pavlina?

Anniversary bouquets go out to Judith Campbell and Chris Stokes. They celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss on August 14. I have always felt blessed that they wound up here. Judith is prolifically artistic. She is the author of the Olympia Brown mystery series.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Sal Alfano on August 9. Annette Sandrock and Beth Hohenthal-Thigith partied on August 10. Karen Kassius claimed August 12. And on August 15, Carolyn Walters takes the cake. Many happy returns.

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