A mosquito collected from the Veterans Park area in Vineyard Haven has tested positive for West Nile virus, the Tisbury board of health confirmed Thursday.

Town health officials said there is no cause for alarm and there have been no confirmed human cases of the virus, but urged people to take proper precuations.

West Nile is most commonly transmitted to humans through the bite off an infected mosquito, the state Department of Public Health said.

Extra alerts have gone out about the potential for West Nile around southeastern Massachusetts late this summer due to high heat and humidity.

“We just want to let people know to have them take necessary precautions,” Tisbury health agent Maura Valley told the Gazette.

Those precautions include using insect repellent, covering up with protective clothing and eliminating standing water from yards.

A fact sheet appears on the town website.

Ms. Valley said in 2013 a mosquito found in the Cranberry Acres area off Lambert’s Cove Road tested positive for the virus but there were no human cases reported that year.