The Chappaquiddick Community Center kept lots of folks busy this summer with a huge variety of activities and programs for young and old. Remember the CCC when you are looking for a non-profit organization to take some money off your hands to make your tax return look better. The staff and board of directors make their job look so easy, but they put in lots of time and hard work to keep the center and its programs going.

The first potluck supper of the season will be on Wednesday, Sept. 19. Appetizers start at 6 p.m. with dinner at 6:30 p.m. Please bring a dish of your choice to serve six people. If you would like to be a host in the future, call the center at 508-627-8222 or put your name in the potluck datebook the next time that you are there.

The Falmouth to Edgartown ferry service has ended for the season. What was at first thought to be a frivolous idea has turned out to be a convenient and dependable way to get to Chappaquiddick from America. I know of a few frequent travelers who don’t set foot on the big ferries during the whole time that the Sandpiper is in operation.

The MV Bass & Bluefish Derby starts Sunday, Sept. 9 and ends on Saturday, Oct. 13. The Chappaquiddick Ferry remains on the summer-midnight-closing schedule throughout the Derby even though the weigh station shuts its doors at 10 p.m. It’s a tradition. The day after the Derby ends, the ferry goes onto the winter schedule. That means that, weather permitting, the ferry operates continuously from 6:45 a.m. through 8 p.m., then again from 9 to 10 p.m., then again from 11 to 11:15 p.m.

If our 6:45 a.m. start-up time won’t get you to where you want to on time, you can schedule an early trip for 6 a.m. for an additional fee of $20 or even a 5 a.m. trip for an additional $50. You have to speak to the ferry captain in person, before 5 p.m. on the day before your intended early trip. Payment in advance is required and the fee is non-refundable after 5 p.m. So make certain that you really want to get up that early.

Also, in keeping with tradition, when the Derby ends, one of the ferryboats comes out of the water for maintenance and Coast Guard inspection. This year it is the smaller vessel’s turn to get hauled. It may be out for a couple of months. Fortunately the bigger vessel will be the one to handle the traffic on its own. Most of the time you won’t notice that just one boat is running, but during the usually busy periods you will need to give yourself an extra half hour or so to get somewhere on time.

The Chappaquiddick Community Center is still looking to fill Lynn Martinka’s shoes. Here is the job description for the position from the CCC website: “The CCC will hire a part-time Coordinator/Administrator to work approximately 25 hours per week from 6/1 to 10/1 and approximately 8 hours per week 10/1 to 6/1 at the center on Chappaquiddick under the direction of the CCC President and Board of Directors. Responsibilities include assisting subscribers and visitors, answering phone, email and mail, and handling routine matters related to CCC programs and operations. Examples of routine matters include enrolling children and adults in the appropriate sailing and tennis classes, inventorying and ordering supplies for the center (kitchen, office, restrooms), scheduling and checking work of cleaning crews and other services, coordinating volunteers, inventorying and ordering supplies for events, creating posters, etc. Will work closely with treasurer to keep bookkeeping accounts up to date and in order. Light physical work required from time to time, such as setting up tables and chairs, etc. Must be organized, flexible, energetic, friendly and computer literate. Apply to the CCC at or 508- 627-8222.”

This is a great job for a Chappaquiddicker. The board of directors is a nice group of folks. Your office has a water view, of Brine’s Pond. Most of the year you will have the whole place to yourself. I promise to mention your name in the Chappy column once in a while and I will even incorporate you into the April Fool’s Day spoof edition.

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