I was at Romy Kazlauskas Maciel’s celebration of life on Friday. What a wonderful gathering! Father Nagle led us all in what I can only refer to as a love fest. I finally had the opportunity to meet Kristen’s brother and sister, Pete and Amy. You could see what a special place family is in their hearts.

There is something about our Father Nagle that makes every service, every occasion, seem welcoming and new. My friend Kristen looks no older than when we last met. It was a very special gathering for our dear Romy.

Father Nagle informed me that deacon Karl Buder’s mother has passed. Our condolences to the Buder family.

In a day of appointments at our hospital Tuesday, I ran into Edson Rodgers and his lovely wife. Must be seven years since I have seen them. I recognized them right away. We started kidding immediately. Now there’s a couple that makes me smile!

If you do have tests and appointments at our hospital be sure to use your waiting time to view the art. Every wall makes a statement. It is the best collection I have ever seen. And a thank you to the cafeteria staff that keeps us well fed at a reasonable price. There is great art on the cafeteria walls, too. I enjoy the opportunity to review my friend John Athearn’s watercolors.

The annual 5k Vineyard Haven library fun run/walk is on Sunday, Sept. 16. Register online for a discount. The race raises funds for library programs. I daresay we have one of the hardest working staff around. T-shirts, prizes, fun all around for our 21st year.

Jack Ryan’s exquisite art is in display in Art in the Stacks throughout this month. It can be viewed during regular library hours. I am in awe of his talent and amused by his wit. Do yourself a favor and meet this man. Another boy from Brooklyn turns out well!

Gary S. Maynard will be reading from his debut novel, Plumbelly, at 7 p.m. at our Bunch of Grapes on Friday evening. He is getting great reviews. This man has led a very interesting life. You will enjoy this.

Also on Friday night is an event, the Endless Summer, hosted at our P.A. club at 7 p.m. This is a fundraiser for the National Alliance for Mental Illness. We have all been touched by this. There will be a cash bar, snacks available, a live and silent auction. I’ll see you there.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Bob Klein on Sept. 9. My lovely Aunt Mary Alice Jannace shared her birthday on Sept. 11 with Kristin Kazlauskas. They both take the cake. Many happy returns. And happy new year to all.

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