A computer virus temporarily attacked West Tisbury’s computer network this week, town administrator Jennifer Rand told selectmen at their meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Ms. Rand said a virus began to spread through town computers Monday morning after an employee opened an infected email. Reached by phone Thursday, town treasurer and tax collector Kathy Logue said the email appeared to be a from regular vendor the town is often in contact with.

“It looked legitimate,” Ms. Logue said. The employee who opened it quickly realized it contained a virus, and technicians at EduComp were notified within an hour. The town servers were disconnected from work stations and each computer individually scrubbed. Internet connection was disabled at town hall all day Wednesday, Ms. Logue said. Town email accounts at the library, the council on aging, and the police department were also temporarily disabled.

Ms. Logue said town officials do not believe any sensitive information was accessed.

“We may not know immediately, but we have no reason to believe it was compromised,” she said.

Ms. Logue said all internet access was restored by Thursday morning, and EduComp technicians are continuing to monitor for viruses. The town recently bought cyber insurance, and is in the process of making a claim.

At their meeting Wednesday afternoon, selectmen also discussed public record laws relating to email. Ms. Rand, who consulted with attorneys on the subject, explained that any email received or sent by a town official if it relates to town business is a matter of public record.

Ms. Rand suggested that all town officials use a town sponsored email address for town business and refrain from using their personal emails for anything related to their public office.

“If someone were going on a fishing expedition, if emails were going to your personal email, they might start fishing around for other things,” she said. She told selectmen she had asked the town accountant to look into the purchase of more email addresses for all town officials.

“You can separate your personal life and your elected or appointed life, and we have all that on our servers,” she said of the proposed approach.

Selectmen also approved an increase of inspector fees from $65 to $70 at the request of building inspector Joseph Tierney, who told selectmen inspectors have not had a raise in three years. Mr. Tierney also showed an inspector fee comparison of Island towns, which demonstrated that with the increase, West Tisbury will be neither highest or lowest on the list.

Permit fees will continue to be $50.

Selectmen also discussed buying the three Nissan Leafs the town is leasing after the lease expires in 2020, reaching a consensus that owning town vehicles is preferable for town employees.

“I was a hard sell on these three cars, but I think it’s reasonable that town employees have access to them,” selectman Jeffrey (Skipper) Manter 3rd said.