Remember when I used to include the books I was reading in my column? Frankly, I had a hard time reading again after Teri and my nonna’s deaths. I am testing the waters again.

I picked up one of my favorite writer’s books to reread: The Island of the Colorblind by Oliver Sacks. This brilliant neurosurgeon contributed so much to us. In reading this, he cited Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language by scholar Nora Ellen Groce. Her book explored hereditary deafness on Martha’s Vineyard. I had heard of it but never got around to it. It is at our Bunch of Grapes.

So, that is next on the list after the book I ordered and picked up there yesterday, Fear by Bob Woodward. I went into the store on a rainy day. I cannot tell you how happy it made me to see so many people in there shopping. In this era of handheld devices, I think we often forget our first handheld devices after tools were books. Thank you, Dawn!

Another Dawn deserves my thanks. Dawn Barnes delivered an item to me free of charge that my kitchen was sadly lacking. What a sweetheart! It was a pleasure to meet her.

The derby moves on. I am disappointed about the reports of fishing equipment being stolen from our trucks. The bar keeps getting lowered. On the good news side, Wes Stokes is fully engaged in participating. And I saw a fabulous picture of Jarrett Campbell holding a false albacore at weigh-in. I think this famous DJ attracts his fish with music.

St. Francis of Assisi is celebrated on Oct. 3. Check with your local churches to see when the blessing of the animals is. Silvio and Lil’Bit are doing so much better. Looks like they can get blessed again this year. They definitely need it.

One of the most delightful people I ever met, Charlie Parker, died last week. An enthusiastic worker and really knowledgeable and fun friend. Condolences to his friends and family.

Sad news also, officer Daniel Gouldrup of West Tisbury died at home in West Tisbury. He served in the police department for over three decades. He was a wonderful man and devoted peacekeeper. John and Karen Doble celebrated 37 years of wedded bliss on Sept. 25. John is famous for his stunning photography. They fell in love and stayed there! The birthday bandwagon pulled along Marganna Roberts on Sept. 15. Peter Sawyer, teacher and DJ par excellence, partied on Sept. 20. Now, count back nine months and you know what all these people’s parents were doing: Sept. 25 was a party for my godson, Daniel Gardella, along with Lindsey Gonsalves, Marcia Carino, Mikey Waters the younger, and twins Pinha and Pedro, Leide DePaula’s mom and uncle. They all take the cake. Many happy returns.

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