This time it’s for keeps: artist Steve Lohman is holding a final studio closing sale at his home on 188 Waldrons Bottom Road off West Tisbury/Edgartown Road.

Astute readers with keen memories may recall similar closing sales but this one Mr. Lohman says is really, really final. He has sold his home and therefore his studio, after 25 years of creating his signature wire and steel sculptures. Mr. Lohman’s attachment to the Vineyard goes back over 60 years, he said, during a chat in the Gazette office, when he stopped by to say goodbye.

For years he has split time between the Vineyard and New Orleans, embracing this migration between the Big Easy and Easy Martha. But lately, the cold and dark winters of the Vineyard had their final say.

“But I will be back,” Mr. Lohman promised. “After so many years here I have more than a few couches I can sleep on.” He also said he would still be creating art on the Vineyard, only in the yards of his customers.

So, to get a final look at where his sculptures have been created over the years and perhaps purchase a memento, head to his home from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 21.

And check out his work at