A motorcycle operator was seriously injured Sunday evening when his motorcycle crashed into a house on Skiff avenue in Vineyard Haven.

Michael Zenick told police that he swerved to avoid an animal that crossed the road in front of his motorcycle, and lost control.

“He stated that he saw an animal scurry into the road,” wrote Officer John Goeckel in his police report. “He did not want to hit the animal and believes that he panicked and applied the brake and gas at the same time.”

According to the police report, the motorcycle traveled approximately 100 feet from the point where it veered off Skiff avenue, without any attempted emergency braking or evasive action. There were no skid marks or furrows in the lawn, according to the report.

The motorcycle struck a home at 21 Skiff avenue owned by Bob Tankard.

When first responders arrived shortly after 8 p.m., they found Mr. Zenick lying next to his heavily damaged motorcycle, complaining of pain in his back, groin and hand. The impact of the crash threw him against the side of the home, according to the police report.

He was transported by ambulance to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for evaluation. He was later airlifted by helicopter to Massachusetts General Hospital.

According to the report, when police questioned Mr. Zenick at the hospital they did not detect any odor of alcohol or signs of intoxication.

In a call to the Gazette, Mr. Zenick said he was slowing down and nearly stopped preparing to turn when a cat ran in front of his motorcycle.

“I started hitting the gas so I could get the bike going again and get my balance back,” Mr. Zenick said. “I looked up and I see a telephone pole and a wall. I hit my leg on the telephone pole. It brought me back and made me hit the accelerator and threw me back on the bike. I was unable to hit the brakes.”

Mr. Zenick said he suffered a broken leg in the crash, and remained at Massachusetts General Hospital on Thursday morning recovering from his injuries.