The turkeys now have me trained to give them daylight savings winter breakfast at 7:30 a.m. I have some of them trained to eat out of my hand. I am also offering tours with an open door policy, of my living room, dining room and kitchen. The dogs accepted my new friends but the cat was annoyed. The turks seem startled by the heat in the house but their treats taste just as good inside or out. And there is no smell of poultry cooking inside.

I had so much fun last Saturday. I ran into so many friends at the Legion Auxiliary bazaar. Linda Voluckas was there and Carrie Welch, of course, and all the usual suspects I have missed for ages. From there, on to the NAACP party in Oak Bluffs at the senior center. I had not seen Marie Doubleday for years but recognized her immediately because she has not aged at all.

The highlight of my journey was to meet Carolyn Thomas O’Daley, author of There’s Something about the Vineyard. I purchased a copy and had it signed. Carolyn and I go back about three years in what passes for pen pals these days, but it was our first interview. I canceled on the hugging and kissing because I am getting over that horrible cold everyone seems to have right now. I heard the familiar raspy cough throughout the day in many locations. I also managed a trip to Chicken Alley and the library.

See our community calendar to keep informed of all our holiday activities. Soft As A Grape has teamed with the town for horse-driven sleigh rides on Saturday, Dec. 9. There will be so many shopping and activity centers open for fun. The great thing about such an artistic community is the chance that any gifts you purchase will be created by a local talent.

Speaking of local talent, I stopped in the Simon Gallery to offer condolences. Robin will keep us informed when the family decides to have the celebration of Peter’s life. One love.

And who could avoid the post office this time of year? I was actually glad to be there as Steve Nichols sauntered in looking fabulous after his recent little journey to Mass General. He looks great and said he feels fine. I also ran into Leigh Smith there. Nice to see the gang out and about.

For those who do believe the man of the month, Santa himself will be at our fire station on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 1 p.m. I’ll see you there. Grace Lillian has returned for 10 days from the Netherlands to the Burton-Sundman home in Vineyard Haven. Her parents, Betty and John, are thrilled. I am looking forward to catching up with her. I so enjoyed my one trip to the Netherlands and want to collect her impressions. The birthday bandwagon pulled along Roxanne Klein on Nov. 11; Kathy Skipper celebrated on Dec. 4; Bill Schwabe and Mark Zajockowski partied on Dec. 5; on Dec. 7, Larry Bird and Bonnie Shapiro take the cake. Many happy returns.

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