The Yard is on a mission to help Vineyarders beat the winter doldrums with dance.

“You don’t have to settle into the isolation that the Island inevitably demands of you,” said David White, the artistic director. “We will bring the world to your doorstep.”

Red Baraat is Feb. 22 at the Chilmark Community Center.

For the fourth year in a row, the Yard is making good on this promise, curating an offseason mix of dance and music performances that blend genres and tackle hot-button social issues.

The series begins on Jan. 12 at the Performing Arts Center with two performances of solo works by hip-hop dancer and choreographer Amirah Sackett. Ms. Sackett hails from Chicago and examines her Muslim-American identity through intimate works mixing streetdance and Islamic themes. Both pieces, Love Embraces All and Qadar, are inspired by the poetry of Rumi.

“The solos reflect who she is,” said Mr. White. “A Muslim woman and an articulate social justice advocate. It’s going to be an intimate performance. We’re going to put the audience up on the stage with her.”

Next up is the return of the south-Asian fusion band Dance Hall Red Baraat for a high-energy concert featuring songs from their new album Sound the People. The show will be held at the Chilmark Community Center on Feb. 22.

Mr. White said the group’s brass-heavy sound covers a diaspora of Asian influences including jazz, funk and bhangra that’s raucous, joyous and impossible to resist. All ages are encouraged to put on their dancing shoes and join the fun.

“It’s a public hall dance party. It’s really for everyone else to dance,” he said.

Bridgman/Packer dance is March 9.

On March 9 at the Performing Arts Center, dance-duo Art Bridgman and Myrna Packer of Bridgman|Packer Dance bring back their inventive style of virtual reality mixed with dance for a meditation on the work of painter Edward Hopper, titled Voyeur. Mr. White said the piece features the use of “video partnering” where videos and live performance are integrated on a minimal stage where the audience sometimes can’t tell if the dancers are on stage or on screen.

“They have pioneered a kind of mixed media work with video and dance that has a magical component,” he said. “You don’t know really what you’re seeing.”

The couple will also introduce a new piece called Table Bed Mirror that incorporates a collage of dance, video, text and sound to navigate a fantastical dream world. Before the show, interactive video “playgrounds” will be set up in a few Island schools to bring their mixed-media “magic” to students.

The winter season closes out on April 6 at the Performing Arts Center with a piece from African-American choreographer Stefanie Batten Bland and her NYC-based dance-theatre troupe, Company SSB. Mr. White said Ms. Batten Bland began working BienvenueWelcome when she was a Schonberg Fellow at the Yard three years ago and the piece is heavily influenced by her research on the Martha’s Vineyard African American Heritage Trail. He said the visceral work is a powerful commentary on the current political climate of division and the community will be asked to collaborate by helping to craft a mural.

“It’s about the understanding of what binds us and what isolates us,” said Mr. White. “It’s one of the most compelling pieces I’ve seen about the refugee or immigrant experience.”

Mr. White said Island students will also be able to contribute to the set design by drawing graffiti on collapsed cardboard walls.

Looking over the season as a whole, Mr. White said that its strength is in the diversity of styles and cultures it represents, and allowing for audiences of all ages the opportunity to engage with art that may be entirely new to them.

“We want to make the unfamiliar, familiar,” he said.

The Yard also has a program that provides free tickets for “Behind the Counter” Island staff to make shows available for younger Islanders in the service sector. Mr. White said those interested should call for more details on how to reserve “Behind the Counter” tickets.

For tickets and further information, including video clips, visit