After three interviews and a brief deliberation, Edgartown selectmen chose Karen Medeiros as their new town clerk on Monday.

Mrs. Medeiros currently serves as interim town clerk and has worked in Edgartown as assistant town clerk for the past 27 years.

Although historically the town clerk is an elected position, Edgartown voted at town meeting in 2015 to change the role to an appointed position, meaning that Mrs. Medeiros will serve indefinitely.

“Oh my, does this mean I can stop shaking?” she said when the selectmen informed her of their decision.

“Yes, congratulations Karen,” selectman Margaret Serpa replied.

Former town clerk Wanda Williams retired on Nov. 30. Ms. Williams had served as the town clerk for the previous 30 years, swearing in town officials, filing birth and marriage certificates, presiding over elections, and anchoring many of the other administrative duties of the town during her tenure. Town administrator James Hagerty and human resources director Kim Lucas fielded applications from a variety candidates and narrowed down the search to three who were interviewed on Monday. Along with Mrs. Medeiros, selectmen spoke with Leslie Teco-Lichtman, a former financial executive for medical supply companies, and John Odum, the current town clerk for Montpelier, Vt. They asked each candidate a slate of ten questions, including why they wanted the job, what motivated them and why they should be hired.

Although selectmen felt both the other candidates gave strong interviews, they ultimately decided on-the-job experience was the most important factor in choosing the replacement for Ms. Williams. Luckily, they only had to look three doors down the hall to find an applicant with it.

“I am very proud to work for the town,” Mrs. Medeiros told the selectmen during the interview. “I enjoy working for the town. I’ve done it for a long time, and I think I will bring continuity and experience to the position.”

When asked what motivates her, Ms. Medeiros had a simple answer.

“Making people happy,” she said.

During the deliberation, the selectmen highlighted the well-oiled machine that has been the town clerk’s office for the bulk of the past three decades.

“I would rank Karen first,” selectman Arthur Smadbeck said. “The fact that . . . she’s been there since 1991, the fact that our office has worked so efficiently over those years, that we’ve never had a complaint over those years as far as I know. They’ve been nothing but a pleasure to deal with in that office.”

Selectman Margaret Serpa concurred.

“I think you’ve pretty much summed it up,” Ms. Serpa said. “That office runs like clockwork.”

Mrs. Medeiros will begin her official job duties when county clerk Joe Sollitto arrives at the office early tomorrow morning to swear her in.

“Of course that gives us a new problem,” Mr. Smadbeck said. “We’ll have to replace her.”

The selectmen, along with Ms. Lucas and Mr. Hagerty, said they would make the position for assistant town clerk available shortly. Unlike the town clerk position, the assistant town clerk has a less formal hiring process and can be chosen internally by the town clerk department, although the application will be open to the public.

Edgartown is also looking to replace its highway superintendent. According to town administrator James Hagerty, the town has received many applications for the role and is looking to conduct interviews after the new year. Applications closed Dec. 10.